I also took the opportunity to clean up the roof skin. I was really surprised that there wasn't ANY scale on the roof! I was mainly removing a yellow glue that was all over the skin. The roof structure wasn't scaly or rusty at all. It was still dusted red from the factory. It seems bizarre that this car did so well sitting out in a field for 20+ years...I can only guess that it aired out quickly without a windshield, rear window, or carpet in it.
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1970 Barracuda B5 6.1 Hemi/6 speed
1969 Charger survivor in R6 383/727-wrecked 12/24/18
1968 Charger in original burgundy paint "Ribeye"
1968 Charger w/ 6.1L, TR-6060, 9"
1968 Charger...clean slate in epoxy
1968 Roadrunner w/ 6.1L/6 speed
2010 B5 Challenger SRT 6.1L/6 speed
2011 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L