I first saw this car in 2000. It was a really solid western Kansas car but was missing fenders,hood,grill,auto transmission, radiator, front seat, differential, etc. I had a deal struck at $1200 but I came back with the money and the seller backed out because someone else had offered more $$$. Lesson learned: always have a trailer and cash when you go to buy....but that's ok because I was a broke college kid and would've had to sell it. I tracked the buyer and car down in July of 2015 and bought the car-the price was much higher this time. I had to buy this 68 Roadrunner post car, a 68 roadrunner post parts car, and a 69 GTX with no drivetrain (fender tag showed it to be a red 4 speed, dana 60 car) in order to get a good deal. I sold the 68 post RR parts car and the 69 GTX to recoup some money.

I've really struggled with what to do with this car for many reasons. I wanted to keep this build simple because I already have a marathon 70 Barracuda build ( http://www.pro-touring.com/threads/85958-Heavily-modified-1970-Cuda?highlight=) that is almost 9 years in the making. I wanted to keep it simple...I really did...because:

1. I've just got way too many projects going for a guy in his mid 30's with 5 kids. Although I have too many projects, it's getting to be difficult to find a car this clean so I have a problem turning loose of solid projects.

2. This car has it's numbers matching 383, but I already have one original mopar (a 69 survivor charger w/ 383) and I'm more of a restomod guy. I want fuel injection. I've also parted out over a lot of SRT8s over the past couple years so I have all the 6.1L hemi engines I could ever want.

3. I just like to shift. Originally I wanted to mate an A833 4 speed behind the Gen 3 hemi because it would be easy and I wouldn't have to cut up the floor pans/tunnel/torsion bar crossmember. I had all the 4 speed parts collected, rebuilt, and ready to go. Then I came to my senses. I had been driving my 6 speed 2010 Challenger SRT8 and had been loving every shift. I kept wondering "why go easy with a 4 speed when I won't be happy with it?". Then I added up the value of all the 4 speed parts and hydraulic throwout setup and it was crazy how much I could sell it all for. I had several TR6060's and pedal/hydraulic clutch setups in stock from late model Challengers I had parted. Decision made....CUT UP THE FLOOR AND TUNNEL!!

Ultimately, I want something reliable that gets 20mpg. I don't want to wait 5 years for it. I want to be able to drive it to work 1 or 2 days a week (60 mile round trip) and not worry about it being parked in the parking lot. I post this with the hope that I can maintain momentum since people may be checking up on the project. Wish me luck.

I finally started rolling on this project in about September of 2016. Luckily, I have a great buddy Matt, who is an EXCELLENT fabricator. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have his expertise to lean on. Matt has never steered me wrong and he always has great ideas. Matt is the one doing all the metal work. I'll stick to mechanical work. Metal is his thing.

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