The Roadrunner doesn't look like its any further along, but I have made some progress...Over the past couple months I've been really busy with coaching two of my children's basketball teams, band/school programs, and family get togethers/activities, but i have found the time to at least remove every ounce of undercoating from the Roadrunner. on previous cars I have removed undercoating with a propane torch and a thin paint scraper but I have found a superior method. I bought a cheap pneumatic needle scaler (about $30 on ebay), which has 12-15 rods which pop out and chip away at undercoating. It's dirty/messy, but its quick and it leaves a nice clean surface behind. The extra benefit is that you don't drop any burning pieces of rubber on your face or down the sleeves of your shirt. For reference, each inner fender took me about an hour to remove the undercoating. It would have been much faster, but my big compressor is down and I was using a 30 gallon Craftsman compressor so I spent a lot of time waiting for it to pressurize the tank.

1970 Barracuda B5 6.1 Hemi/6 speed
1969 Charger survivor in R6 383/727-wrecked 12/24/18
1968 Charger in original burgundy paint "Ribeye"
1968 Charger w/ 6.1L, TR-6060, 9"
1968 Charger...clean slate in epoxy
1968 Roadrunner w/ 6.1L/6 speed
2010 B5 Challenger SRT 6.1L/6 speed
2011 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L