I've got a 70 Cuda restomod that has snowballed out of control. Im currently 8 years into a 3 year build....Im sure many of you can sympathize. So....my original intent for this Roadrunner was for it to be simple. I had decided on just doing some sheetmetal repair and as far as drivetrain, I was going use a Gen 3 6.1L hemi, 23 spline 833 4 speed manual trans, and an 8 3/4" rearend. I didn't want this project to spiral out of control either so I was dead set against change. I just wanted to keep it simple to speed up the build, save money, and not have to cut the floor pans. I had a 4 speed completely rebuilt/ painted and I bought all the parts to convert from a 727 auto to a 4 speed manual.........and then one day I added up the costs of a installing an 833 (see list below) and I realized how much just a 4 speed costs.....I decided to install a TR6060 6 speed instead of an 23 spline 833. The 833 4 speed would have been easier and faster, but...

1. I had a 50K mile TR6060 sitting in the shop....with everything needed to complete the swap. I had parted out a 2009 Challenger SRT8 so I had the stock twin disc clutch, pressure plate, flywheel, hydraulic throwout, hydraulic line/reservoir, clutch pedals, etc....just waiting to be used. And it was originally paired to a 6.1 so it was easy to assemble.
2. I started adding up the value of all the parts for the 4 speed swap: rebuilt 833, Lakewood SFI Bell housing, new Mcleod clutch/pressure plate, Mopar Flywheel, hydraulic throwout bearing setup, z bar, fork, actuator rods, boot/seals, fork pivot, pedal assembly, etc and I thought... "Why am I spending this much for a 4 speed?!?!?!?!?" I'll could sell it all to pay for the tunnel and crossmember fabrication work."
3. I didn't want to cut the tunnel and floor for the 6 speed but in reality I want to drive this car to work 1 or 2 days a week (70 mile roundtrip) so why go to the trouble of a Gen 3 hemi with a 4 speed?!?!

Pictures coming soon...

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