I'll have a factory built 6.1L short block from a 56K mile 2009 Challenger I parted out last year. I have a set of C&C ported 6.1 heads (with upgraded springs) from another SRT I parted out. I also bought an Arrington SR2B camshaft for $200 on another forum. Since stock hp rating is 425, I should be between 475 and 500hp at the crank.

I called McLeod, Ram, and Centerforce about what clutch options they would suggest for my scenario. Since this is a "budget" build, I didn't want to break the bank with a twin disc setup and Centerforce only suggested a twin so they were out. Ram said their best single disc was good do 400hp so they were out. McLeod suggested their Super Street Pro kit which includes a pressure plate/throw out bearing and is a dual friction unit. One side is ceramic and the other side is organic. They say it's good to 500hp and is quite comfortable to drive. I pulled the trigger. Summit/Jegs had the best price. Part number is 75209 if anyone needs it for a similar build.

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