Since I eliminated the torsion bars, I have a lot more options for manifolds/headers. Since this car will have about 475-500hp, I decided to go with the factory stainless headers that came on the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. The SRT headers are really durable pieces that also flow very well; they flow as well as any aftermarket shorty header; and SRT headers can easily handle 500hp. Only above that level would longtube headers make a real difference. I couldn't use the factory headers from the Charger/Challenger/etc because they basically point at the firewall in a B body Mopar. The Jeep manifolds point down at a better angle and they hug the block (maybe a little too well) but they will still need some modification on the passenger side in order to clear the bell housing/starter. I also didn't want to spend $750 on a set of mild steel headers that I would have to clearance (ding/dent) anyway.

1970 Barracuda B5 6.1 Hemi/6 speed
1969 Charger survivor in R6 383/727-wrecked 12/24/18
1968 Charger in original burgundy paint "Ribeye"
1968 Charger w/ 6.1L, TR-6060, 9"
1968 Charger...clean slate in epoxy
1968 Roadrunner w/ 6.1L/6 speed
2010 B5 Challenger SRT 6.1L/6 speed
2011 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L