The saga continues...after 9 months, the right humerus bones hadn't grown together very well. Monday, I had a bone graft surgery in which bone was taken from my right hip, ground up, mixed with some type of adhesive, packed in the bone joint all the way around, and then the bone joint was actually taped up. I was warned that the hip would hurt more then the arm, but I had no idea!! It feels like my stomach muscles were rearranged to get to the hip. If I cough or use my stomach/core muscles at all (and they are used all the time), the pain is brutal!!
I'm not sure when I'll be back out in the shop again since the arm needs about three months to fuse. Its a bit of a bummer, but at least I got the 68 roadrunner cleaned up and mounted on the rotisserie last weekend. Its scheduled to get media blasted and sealed in epoxy the first week in December.

1970 Barracuda B5 6.1 Hemi/6 speed
1969 Charger survivor in R6 383/727-wrecked 12/24/18
1968 Charger in original burgundy paint "Ribeye"
1968 Charger w/ 6.1L, TR-6060, 9"
1968 Charger...clean slate in epoxy
1968 Roadrunner w/ 6.1L/6 speed
2010 B5 Challenger SRT 6.1L/6 speed
2011 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L