After getting t-boned in my 1969 charger in December, I started to really think and worry about side protection. If the other guy had hit me in the door of the charger (instead of the front fender), I would have been in serious trouble. After mulling it over, I decided to send the Roadrunner back over to my buddy's shop in order to install a 6 point cage that will provide me with some side protection. We will also plan for some modern seatbelts with inertial reels. I don't want the car to be annoying to get in and out of, but my wreck has made me look at things from a different perspective. While its there, the lower radiator support will get boxed/reinforced, and plates will be welded in so that it can be provisioned for a Monte Carlo bar.

Without the front fenders, the front wheels look so looks weird.

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1970 Barracuda B5 6.1 Hemi/6 speed
1969 Charger survivor in R6 383/727-wrecked 12/24/18
1968 Charger in original burgundy paint "Ribeye"
1968 Charger w/ 6.1L, TR-6060, 9"
1968 Charger...clean slate in epoxy
1968 Roadrunner w/ 6.1L/6 speed
2010 B5 Challenger SRT 6.1L/6 speed
2011 Dodge Ram w/ 6.7L