I took the dash frame to a local powdercoater, who blasted and powder coated it in a satin black. The only blasting cabinet he had big enough to blast this dash used coal slag, which is quite aggressive so I was worried it would warp the metal. I asked him to turn the pressure way down; he said he used 40 psi (instead of his usual 100 psi) and it turned out great! I am really happy with the texture and finish. Plus I got rid of the UGLY marroon.

I don't have a good picture of the dash frame beforehand, but the metal around the VIN plate will give you an idea of what it looked like. This car had been sitting in a field in western kansas without a windshield for more then 1o years so all the paint had been baked off the top of the dash frame


After getting the dash frame pwdercoated and buying a new M&H dash harness, I started thinking, which is never good for my wallet. I realized I didn't want to work with the taxi dash gauges so i began looking for a 1968 rallye dash frame, which I bought off facebook. After considering dash options, I decided on a Dakota Digital unit for several reasons. First, I really like the look. Secondly, the TR6060 doesn't have a speedo output so Dakota has a GPS based speedometer box which is plug and play with the Charger VHX gauges.

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