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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
12/04/20 11:36 AM
Looking for the best place to buy rings and caps for my 70 4406 cuda thanks for any help Matt.
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
12/04/20 11:36 AM
Does it have a disc/drum MC, but 4 wheel drum brakes?
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Moparts Question and Answer
12/04/20 11:35 AM
Originally Posted by 360view
Above 3700 rpm the Mopar Performance MPI intake has shown horsepower gains

Long discontinued, so it's Ebay or similar.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
12/04/20 10:43 AM
That is how the $1,000,000 song
“Twist & Shout”
got written.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
12/04/20 10:39 AM
Nice looking car, certainly will be a handful with a stick, our mild 10:1cr 695hp '69RR 727 street/strip car (originally a stick) has the 11" drums with manual brakes/steering and is all steel apart from a 6-pk hood, owner says if you keep the drums adjusted well they work ok but boy they are seriously heavy, car weighs 3800@the line, 10.3's@129 with full exhausts to date, drive to station fill up with V-power in the morning up to the track, race and drive home the old school way.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
12/04/20 10:38 AM
I am sorry that you are having to go through recovery.

Treatments that you can buy without a prescription are

PepcidAC (generic name Famotidine) 4 tablets taken three times a day. Take some Miralax along with Famotidine because there can be constipation.

Melatonin two 3 mg doses per day.

You could ask your MD to prescribe
Luvox (generic name Fluvoxamine)
which has been found in a clinical trial to help Covid-19 patients who are recovering at home.

sample quote

Researchers compared the outcomes of those treated with fluvoxamine to the outcomes of those given an inactive placebo.
After 15 days, none of the 80 patients who had received the drug experienced serious clinical deterioration.
Meanwhile, six of the 72 patients given placebo (8.3%) became seriously ill, with four requiring hospitalization.

end quote

It might be helpful to have someone buy for you a cheap fingertip oximeter

so you could check to make sure the oxygen level in your blood is not dropping too low.
If it drops low go to the ER.
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Moparts Question and Answer
12/04/20 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by DaveRS23
IF the budget matters, the 518 goes in for 1/2 the price of the GM based ODs. And you do not have to mod the tunnel. With the torque that our big blocks make, the difference in 1st ratios is a non issue.

What is there to think about?

Like I said, I'd rather keep it all Ma Mopar and the other thing to consider is that I'm hoping I don't have to mod the tunnel was the other thing. The tranny will be behind a 400 stroked to 470. Have you done this DaveRS?
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Moparts B Body
12/04/20 08:56 AM
1971-up gauges cluster with Tach
$495 plus shipping
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
12/04/20 08:35 AM
once at the strip i damaged a converter.....same behaviour, died in gear, like a stick car.....i swapped converters, cut open the damaged one - the sprag failed, was broken.

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Moparts Hot Deals & New Products
12/04/20 08:29 AM
Has anyone actually fitted the new Tremec and if so how was it, i would buy one in a heartbeat if i knew they would fit without cutting the car.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
12/04/20 07:29 AM
Most, if not all, 1942 cars are unique. What they did when they resumed in 1946 was a rehash but with tweaks that continued to be carried over through 1947-48. I generally find the 1942 models more attractive than the post-war ones.

They also had "blackout" models due to rationing, so you'll find painted trim.

[Linked Image]
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
12/04/20 07:00 AM
Al, I was thinking of the old Half Moon Bay track, CRS until later blush
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
12/04/20 06:56 AM
Originally Posted by Neil
Originally Posted by SNK-EYZ
[quote=gtx6970]Probably 20 year ago a buddy had the last 1876 Corvette Stingray built, it was documented as being the last Stingray (for that era).
What did it ad to the value? Absolutely nothing, he fought to get $6k out of the car and it was a nice car.

How old was your friend when he bought that car? whistling drumhit boogie

At that time in his mid 40's IIRC, he's actually a Mopar guy and has been most of his life but he's also a flipper.
If he thinks he can make a buck on a car he'll buy it.

He's got a collection of Mopars, probably the coolest is a rear 70 Hemi Charger SE 4 speed car (F8 Green).

He owned and restored the Q5 69 Hemi Coronet R/T convertible 4 speed car a few years back, it's been traded away.
[Linked Image]
It was at MCACN a few year back when he owned it.
[Linked Image]

He's building a 71 Hemicuda convertible (clone) right now. Hemi Orange, 4 speed.
Like most of the cars he builds the only thing that won't have the right numbers on it would be the VIN, it's being built with all date coded correct parts.
Seems silly to me since it's a clone, but he likes them that way.

He's always buying and selling cars.
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Moparts Question and Answer
12/04/20 06:40 AM
Originally Posted by kenk
Yes, the pad on the right side of the block is stamped with a partial of the vin number, but we think it was restamped as it is just too nice, and there are no milling marks to be seen. The spacing and size of the stamping is not the same as on the transmission. But---there is also a pad on the block under the starter that is supposed to have id numbers including the julian calender date--the pad is blank except for the letter A. That is why I am wondering if it was a replacement block?

1968 is the last year for the "PT" numbers on a 383 on the lower starter rail ("A" is probably just an assembly mark)
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Gen III Hemi Tech
12/04/20 06:32 AM

9,800 miles last I checked on my '07 stock Hemi

By the looks of your mileage the truck should last a couple more centuries.

So glad I bought a Dodge. up
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
12/04/20 06:32 AM
Anybody have an idea of how hard it is to replace the interior on these cars?
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Moparts Question and Answer
12/04/20 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by KcCrown
Thank you for this explanation. Ok. So. The cap on the overflow is leaking and running down that line that goes to the back of the firewall. Then dripping onto the manifold and steaming off if that. There is no radiator cap. Only this cap iff the over dlow where the fluid is added. Different system than lve ever has before. But. Feom everything lm reading it sounds like this cap cant leak. It must seal. And then it will allow the system to operate correctly. Is this true

There is no cap on the overflow.

There is only a radiator cap on the reservoir.
[Linked Image]

The small black hose in the pic is the overflow hose.

The two nipples at the back of the coolant tank are both on the pressurized side of the coolant tank.
There should be NO LEAKS there.

If there are, there's a problem, either a cracked coolant tank or a cracked or not seated hose.

The one hose that comes out the back of the coolant tank goes back to a t-fitting in the heater hoses.
The t-fitting is usually plastic and could be cracked.
Pic below video link.

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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
12/04/20 04:30 AM
Would love to own that thing.

Couple comments to the above posts.

I'd be surprised if the final bid was only in the mid-20's, I could see it going much higher.

I thought max wedge heads had 4 bolt valve covers, these have 6. Am I wrong about the number of bolts?

One other thing I noticed, some of the info. says Eagle rods and Diamond pistons and some says Molnar rods and RaceTec pistons. Either combo would be adequate for that power level, just something I noticed.

Beautiful car.
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Moparts B Body
12/04/20 04:26 AM
Looking for a decent 1974 Roadrunner rear bumper. Driver quality that can be bolted on and used. Don't need a core. Please PM me if you have something.
Thanks, Dean.

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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
12/04/20 04:18 AM
2in lowering blocks
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Stu Harmon General Forum
12/04/20 04:16 AM
Originally Posted by 67SATisfaction
Amazing aircraft the B-29...
... a flight of 3 emergency landed in western Russia, Vladivostok I think.
The American crew got home, but we never got the B-29s back. Soon enough, the Reds reverse engineered an exact duplicate. The Tupolev Tu-4.

Originally Posted by astjp2

....Late in the war,... the R-3350 was equipped with direct fuel injection, something we think of as a new-age engine appliance. Unlike early fuel injection ... direct fuel injection puts it directly into the cylinder under pressure, improving mixture distribution and fuel economy...

For full disclosure, the CR in aviation engines is far less than for cars, for reliability purposes. I believe that made the early direct injection systems a bit easier to achieve.

- Art

Yeah, about 6.8 to 1 but they also could get 100 inches of manifold pressure with 130/145 octane gas and not blow a jug off every flight...that is a lot of boost.
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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
12/04/20 03:59 AM
Originally Posted by BigBlockGTS
HA- Very Good. I know the quote but never would have made the connection
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Moparts Question and Answer
12/04/20 03:42 AM
Use a thermostat spacer that is drilled and tapped for the Holley CTS.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
12/04/20 03:40 AM
RIP angel
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
12/04/20 03:37 AM
Originally Posted by DusTed74

Man that carb looks great. What type of screw did you use on this?


8-32 x 3/32 brass set screw. They work and look great. Just drill to desired size with numbered drill bits.
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