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Stu Harmon General Forum
11/28/23 11:20 PM
Jeeps are popular around here so they have good resale generally. Pay more, but then you don't really loose too much later. Kinda always been that way.

Most the Durangos and Dakotas have a lot of miles and bad clear coat issues. The last of them can still be had with good cosmetics, but the engines in them can be trouble so I have heard. Met a mechanic a few years ago who worked for the local GMC dealer tell me when they got anything 4.7 as a trade-in it went to the auction. That dealership offers used car warranties and had a few in that needed major engine work/total replacement so the sales manager decided they were not worth having on the lot. I think if you found one that has been taken care of you may be ok?

Toyotas are popular and priced that way.

Lady at the bank I talked to a few years ago said it's possible to save quite a bit of money by traveling outside the area and driving something back home instead. C-19 made prices on the sought after stuff go way up and that is where it has stayed.
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Moparts Question and Answer
11/28/23 10:59 PM
Originally Posted by 6PKRTSE
I will have to look at my records for the part number, but they are the XP series. Half grooved. I believe they are REBMB5116XP. I have always preferred King over Clevites, Fed Mog or others quality over the last several years. We build hundreds of engines every year with both King and Clevite bearings.

Thanks for the update, looks like I’m going to have to polish the crank or order some .002 under size bearings, my clearance come out to be .001 to .0015…uggghhh
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
11/28/23 10:46 PM
Designed by Virgil Exner.

The information buyers need to make an informed decision.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 10:44 PM
Originally Posted by madscientist

You can do it on a wheel dyno IF it’s not an inertia dyno. You need to be able to load the engine, steady state at WOT to develop your timing curve.

Disagree on that, can still get it close if not perfect on an inertia dyno as that's closer to it going down a track than zero rpm/sec acceleration.

Even if it was eddy current, no way it can hold it steady state at WOT with an automatic and looser converter. (without lockup)
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 10:05 PM
Originally Posted by Bad340fish
Not a 727 but I run the Red Altos in my 904 with kolene steels. Car makes about 600hp in good air at 3550lbs. I put these clutches in the trans in 2019. They have seen several thousand street miles and 100 or so passes maybe. I tore it down this summer before drag week to change to steel planets and everything looked great so the only change I made was steel planets and Teflon sealing rings.

Thanks! Your usage is probably the most similar to mine.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
11/28/23 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by topside
Those things are painful to look at.
Guess I missed that they're supposed to be stainless on top of being hideous.
Styling-wise, might as well make 'em from plywood, like some guy did for (I guess) a joke.

But they might be rather opaque to police radar with that F117 look.
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Moparts Engines
11/28/23 09:55 PM
440 Block---BRAND NEW---Mopar Performance, Direct Connection Block. Part Number P5153860AB or P5153860, P5007625, P5007625AB, P5160171. Cas Iron, 440 Wedge, Siamese-Bore, Finished Bore at 4.50" This is may be the only NEW Mopar Performance/Direct Connection Block in the country. $6,875.00
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
11/28/23 09:54 PM
So, the arm from the pivots really doesn't matter as long as it bolts up? The part number I have on the straight link from pivot to pivot is 3431103.... Is that correct for a 71 RR?
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by Streetwize
Originally Posted by gch
Originally Posted by EchoSixMike
Hughes seems to still be doing it. That seems a reasonably priced initial step. S/F...Ken M

I had Hughes do their deep port match to several intakes years ago. Have one,sold one (dummy),and one was on my Polara when I sold it 3 years ago (bigger dummy). Last time I talked to Hughes their machinist had quit.

I figure picking up 20 or 30 cfm should help everywhere.Maybe that is unrealistic??

I have two or three I wouldn't mind doing but money doesn't grow on any trees in my yard.

The trick flow/victor may have been the smart move. It could be a test for later on switching to one after the M1 for any gains.

Bobby,I wish I had kept the Indy 440-2D I sold you years ago.It would be interesting to see how it compares.

I appreciate the knowledge guys.

I still have the 440-2D , I spent about 80% of the time porting the lower plenum, I'm not sure you ever noticed but there was actually a casting flaw (a void "hole" slightly larger than the diameter of a Sharpie) deep inside (I think?) the #6 roof through to the #8 floor but I epoxied it up when I ported it. You are free to borrow it back if you want to try it but of course I'd like to have it back for a future build.

What size motor and what compression and head are you running?

I had one like that , I thought it was a design feature wink
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Moparts Question and Answer
11/28/23 09:08 PM
It's got a torsion bar front suspension, no reason why it can't do the job if properly rebuilt.!model%3DSAVOY%7C%7Cmake%3DPLYMOUTH%7C%7Cyear%3D1958%7C%7Csubmodel%3DBASE

Firmfeel makes custom torsion bars. Not real cheap, but not a lot more than the off the shelf stuff.

A good set of shocks will help too. You may need to find the collapsed and extended lengths and search about for something more modern that can be made to fit. That's how I got a set of performance gas charged shocks for my 51 Plymouth.

Tires though, they make the difference.
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
11/28/23 09:08 PM
yes..... that's the way my defogger is wired, strange that the wiring is for a 70 fury, could it be that my 69 superbee got this set-up by mistake or was this like a mid year change over? I guess I'll dig deeper into this and locate this (white) resistor to see if the wire is not damaged, could be the reason why I only have one motor speed.

Later, BUZZ
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 08:54 PM
Originally Posted by larrymopar360
Very sad and I'm afraid these kind of skilled workers and overall good people won't be replaced.

Very true....words taken right out of my mouth as well.God bless and comfort his family
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
11/28/23 08:46 PM
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Moparts E Body
11/28/23 08:26 PM
TA steering box very nice $1250
814 450-3958
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Moparts B Body
11/28/23 08:24 PM
64 MAX Wedge carbs 3705S excellent condition $1350
814 450 3958
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Moparts Question and Answer
11/28/23 08:15 PM
Starter failure and crispy wiring tells me that too-close header heat has cooked that stuff.
So, unless that combination changes and/or the starter & wiring are protected by a heat barrier, it'll happen again.
I'd also consider using manifolds for a strictly street car.
And I'm sorry for the run of bad luck; thieves suck.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 08:14 PM
Intake change, cam swap and upgraded electronics might be worth looking into first.
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
11/28/23 08:12 PM
Nice car!

I'm looking for a 2 door...
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Moparts Question and Answer
11/28/23 08:10 PM
Originally Posted by randavis
I would like to see the front and rear bumper filler strips for 74 Challenger. I haven't been able to find them.

I'm sure someone makes those.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
11/28/23 08:08 PM
It will be interesting to see how the bottom end holds up on these. I would guess the materials are far superior to what we had decades ago.

I hate to be pessimistic but I feel as though a weak spot will rear it's ugly head, as seems to be the case with every engine these days e.g. GenIII lifters, Pentastar head, Ecopoops carbon buildup and intercooler condensation.....Chevy lifters issue from '14-'21. Cost cutting shortcuts, and decreasing weight seem to plague every new engine design.
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Moparts Question and Answer
11/28/23 06:46 PM
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by Al_Alguire
Looks like someone tested the limits of a stock block with B1 heads. usually not a good outcome smile

I believe they are 440-1 heads. I saw other pictures of the engine.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
11/28/23 06:40 PM
Crossthreading: nature's Loctite.
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Sandy's Truck Shop
11/28/23 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by Guitar Jones
Does anyone know of a tool that will work to pull the drive lug off a diesel power steering pump. None of the pulley pullers I have will fit.

Your replacement didn't come with the lug on it ? The one I replaced did .

I did a google and you might have to improvise something .
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
11/28/23 06:26 PM
I’ve used all of the mentioned rockers, currently I have a set of T&D steel rockers on my predator…. Good stuff if you can wait for them
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