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Moparts Question and Answer
09/26/23 06:10 AM
sounds like bad grounding on that regulator scope wrench up twocents
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/26/23 05:21 AM
Originally Posted by 6PAX
Another one I remember vaguely from when I was a kid was a guy called Morgus. All I remember was him wearing a lab coat and having a skull he talked to that always said "yes master" or something like that. Does anyone else remember hm?

Dr Morgus on the prior posted "HORROR HOSTS" link -- WOW! an early player for sure up
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
09/26/23 04:38 AM
That oozes cool. No idea on value.
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Moparts Question and Answer
09/26/23 04:35 AM
Originally Posted by A39Coronet
^agreed. QA1 is supposed to translate to "Quality Assurance #1" ironically

Agreed x2. I’m looking at bilsteins right now and they have same exact complaint about rear upper spacer being waaaaayyyy to short. What a bunch of [censored].
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/26/23 04:01 AM
Well extending the pivot point off the end of the output shaft isn't good, nor is it being an aluminum piece... I'd use what the factory heck cats use.....
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/26/23 04:00 AM
Congrats out to my friend David Horton for winning the 23 NMCA NSS points title. They had there final race this weekend and when the smoke settled he won. His trusty 65 Plymouth "The Battling Belvedere" took home the trophy. David is a long time racer and is pretty well known around the Carolinas as a tough out anytime he pulls to the line. Good job David.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/26/23 03:41 AM
I'm 85 miles from Mason Dixon or Keystone. 3 .5 hrs from Cecil or MIR. Capitol too dangerous.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/26/23 02:57 AM
SORRY, Been a long hectic day Will try to check in the AM wink I will let you know either way wink
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
09/26/23 01:53 AM
Originally Posted by mccannix
Canada never went to metric until 1975 when the clowns that ran the show then decided to do so.
More great info. Thanks mccannix.
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Moparts A Body
09/26/23 01:42 AM
New TTI Big block (383/400) A body headers 2-1/8" primary tubes. Part# 400SR218 Comes with gaskets, collectors. Bought last year paid $818.00 with shipping and had to wait 3 months. $675.00 plus the shipping Tim 317-717-8979 can send you pics via phone. Thanks for the ad Moparts
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Moparts E Body
09/26/23 01:04 AM
i have a set of cuda hood scoops for sale pt#'s 2998034-5 they have been pro media blasted to bare metal and ready for bodywork. mounting studs all look ok. only issue that i can see on the one metal insert the stud is damaged there. (see pic)
$250US/obo plus actual shipping
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/26/23 12:51 AM
is there a starter relay like in mopars? or just small wire to the starter?
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
09/26/23 12:48 AM
Originally Posted by moparjim79
Originally Posted by larrymopar360
Originally Posted by not_a_charger
These are really cool. Love the colors. Would be happier with maybe 2 fewer Richard Petty signatures though.
I agree. And people will want to kill me but I'd also remove the "43" if I owned it. No disrespect to the King, it's just not for me.

I'd also like the no sticker look. But I would have a custom wrap made that was just thousands of richard petty autographs to put on the car so people wouldn't mistake the lineage....
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Ebay / Craigslist / Marketplace / WIW
09/26/23 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by 340SIX
Originally Posted by larrymopar360
I wonder if it "chirps" second gear.

Dude, if you buy that will be chirping gears and pulling brodies, going...errr, errrrr , errrrrrrr long.
I'll have that engine singing! laugh
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/26/23 12:01 AM
Jump a Coke bottle in 2nd gear!
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Moparts Question and Answer
09/25/23 11:56 PM
Normally no, but sometimes access to a certain bolt requires just a bit of movement….
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Moparts Question and Answer
09/25/23 11:38 PM
I have used them in a Geo Metro. As said earlier they might require some seconds of driving at speed to settle in. They also work best on tall skinny tires and are not recommended for wide low profile tires.
There are good products for over the road trucks which use mercury or balls in oil, in a ring, between the hub and wheel.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/25/23 11:13 PM
I have a mega block, 4.75 with aluminum rods, GRP
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/25/23 11:00 PM

Military members severely lack detailed manuals for F-35s.

sample quote

Without necessary and complete technical data from Lockheed Martin and its subcontractors, repair times have lagged. When the F-35 program began, GAO said, the Pentagon thought it would be more cost-effective to have contractors handle the bulk of the jet’s sustainment. As a result, the Pentagon didn’t require Lockheed to hand over the technical data that would allow the military to “organically” handle maintenance itself.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has repeatedly criticized that decision, earlier this year calling it “a serious mistake” the service won’t repeat on its sixth-generation Next Generation Air Dominance fighter.

The acquisition philosophy in vogue at the time of the F-35 program’s launch two decades ago, dubbed Total System Performance, meant the contractor on the program would own it for the system’s entire life cycle, Kendall said during a May breakfast with reporters.
This creates “a perpetual monopoly,” Kendall explained, and amounts to “acquisition malpractice” on the F-35.
Officials at an unidentified depot told GAO that maintenance manuals for some key parts are “ambiguous and rarely are detailed enough for depot personnel to make the repair.”

“As a result, depot personnel not only cannot fix the part, but they cannot learn and understand how to fix the part,” the watchdog wrote.

The training process for service members to maintain the F-35 is also lacking, GAO said. Maintainers told GAO they mainly learned how to fix the jet while on the job. Initial Lockheed Martin-led training mainly relied on PowerPoint slides in a classroom, with limited hands-on lessons, GAO said.
Training personnel acknowledged to GAO the maintenance training is “poor and inadequate,” adding that because Lockheed Martin runs the training, the firm controls what information is presented to maintainers.

“Since so much of the technical data used to maintain the aircraft is proprietary and unavailable to the military services, trainers in the military services cannot develop effective training programs for maintainers,” GAO wrote.

The situation differs considerably from F-15 and F-16 maintenance, which includes detailed manuals spelling out how the systems operate that allow maintainers to troubleshoot nagging problems.

end quote
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/25/23 10:58 PM
Although this wasn't all that long ago, the increased use of cameras almost everywhere nowadays helps so much in these cases.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/25/23 10:58 PM
Great job , I saw this on Facebook Sunday . You were on a mission . Congrats . Gary
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Moparts Question and Answer
09/25/23 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by volaredon
When I plug in the scanner and watch it while someone else drives as soon as I hit 34 mph the "desired" governor pressure goes from close to the mph I'm driving, and jumps to 126 8 psi and stays there no matter what speed I am at as long as I'm in the gas in the least, even just maintaining speed. As soon as I let off the gas and coast the " desired" pressure follows the speed I am going. Then the trans tries to meet the "desired" pressure the computer wants to see.
If the actual actually crosses 100 psi then I get a CEL for "gov pressure high". It seems to drive fine though.
When I monitor the voltage of the governor pressure, it goes to 1.46v at 33 mph and jumps to 3.46 volts, skipping the "2.-xx" volt range completely.
I have another computer (actually the original one from this Durango) that I have had on the shelf for a while, I tried plugging it in as a "substitute known good part" step and it does exactly the same. I have likewise subbed in a known good TPS being that I can duplicate it very reliably just by driving and crossing 34 mph, and no change there either
.that "126.8" psi desired seems to be some kind of a default reading.

Now my 96 Dakota also has a 46re and does not act like that I drove that one and monitored the scanner just like I do in the Durango, just for comparison. Both are stone, dead stock, no mods. No chip, no performance tube or anything.

Drive your Dakota again and let me know what the actual gov psi does once it gets in to third then OD .
I’m betting the gov pressure will rise quickly to 120+ in OD.
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Stu Harmon General Forum
09/25/23 10:20 PM
Thanks for posting that. I was going to check for the dates tonight. I hope the weather is good.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/25/23 09:56 PM
Probably a good indication that if you ran the formula for hood scoop size vs engine demand you'd find the scoop is too big and creating excessive drag. Thankfully it didn't damage the windshield tho.
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
09/25/23 09:34 PM
Originally Posted by Eric
Good to see a few familiar names. Hope all is well with everyone!

And I hope you are doing well too,my friend! wave
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