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Ebay / Craigslist / Racingjunk / WIW
04/19/19 04:56 AM
I like it
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Moparts General
04/19/19 04:36 AM
There is a Monster Miata running around local to me with a 5L Ford and a T5. Other than the aftermarket wheels and the very not 4 cylinder sounding exhaust, it looks showroom stock. Under the hood looks like it grew that way. Very well engineered kit.

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Moparts Question and Answer
04/19/19 04:13 AM
Originally Posted by Stanton
Mine is a VFN - made for hood hinges (with light springs obviously). Its beautifully made and fits well. The one thing it has ove all others is its has an original style flange above the grill. This does two things ... 1) it ads rigidity to the front and 2) it provides the correct shape around the headlight buckets. HOWEVER ... the original A12 hoods were molded from Belvedere/Satellite hoods and have the center bulge treatment. The VFN hood does not have that bulge - the hood is flat in that area giving it a very clean look.

Thank you
Do you have a link for it please?
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/19/19 04:11 AM
Was directed to a page full of fsm! Who knew up
Thanks gents!
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
04/19/19 04:11 AM
They actually go on the rear finish panel and come with the panel so I don't know if they were every sold separate. I've never seen any.

For my car I either used some off an NOS panel or pulled nice ones off a used panel.

How many do you need? All four?
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/19/19 04:10 AM
Originally Posted by hemi-itis
Greg,in that picture it looks like rubber hydraulic hose like my flatbed. The only place I would like a pushlock is going into the regulator.
Fragola,Aero,Earls, are a few of the best.Yes,I would have to but everything at once or id need be buy a little at a time.

I see what you mean, first pic looks like a crimped pressure hose. shruggy

Regardless of what they are showing, the way it works is you chuck the fitting in the end clamps like they have it, set the hose in place and turn the wheels to literally crank the material onto the barb fitting. I'm sure the he-man brigade will mock my lack of strength but if I assemble Push Lok by hand I can barely get the hose past the second barb. You need a little heat, a little lube and a lot of mechanical advantage to get the hose all the way seated.

It sounds like a P.I.T.A. that's because it is. Its very good hose though and again, much lighter than Ye Olde steel braided. Even though I could only get the hose to a certain point, I've never had it leak. The hose almost becomes vulcanized to the fitting and won't come out unless you cut the hose.
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Moparts Truck , Jeep & 4X4 Forum
04/19/19 04:04 AM
I figure that plenty of members here own Ram trucks of this vintage so I thought I'd pass along a bit of info.
The 545RFE trans that backs the 5.7 HEMI is a decent trans but at 325,000 miles, I am about to dig into the transmission again to change the shift control solenoid.
The symptoms leading to this: Loss of 1st gear and overdrive as well as torque converter lockup. 2nd, 3rd and 4th work fine, as does reverse.
Fluid level was 1/2 qt low. Not enough to cause any trouble.
In July 2016 at 265,000 miles, I experienced the same symptoms. The MIL came up on the dash, the code came up a P 0750: Shift control solenoid. I did a search that offered a few YouTube videos on replacing the solenoid pack. The fluid gets drained, pan removed, then out comes both filters. The valve body comes down then the electrical connector is released for the solenoid pack. It comes apart easily and goes back together just as easily. In 2016, it was $240 with a $200 core from the nearby NAPA store. I never heard of a core on an electrical part like this but I went with it. Now almost 3 years later but only approx 60,000 miles, it has failed again. NAPA no longer offers the remanufactured unit. They have a new Echlin part for $319. The closest one is in Montana. I'm in CA. By next Friday I may have it for the weekend.
I checked with the local Dealer: $450 and it is backordered with no estimate of availability. With millions of these trucks on the road, how can that be?
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/19/19 04:04 AM
After 50 years a lot of these cars are bent. You need to check the frame and fix it if needed before you replace any panels
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Moparts General
04/19/19 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by topside
.That grille reminds me of a '68 Torino.

: I was thinking '68 Fairlane.......

[Linked Image]

I like the color.......and the steering wheel. laugh

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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/19/19 03:55 AM
Brake is not legal in Stock. NHRA is figuring anyone serious will put a Pro Flite in it anyway.
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Moparts General
04/19/19 03:52 AM
I bashed the styling of the new Ram....THEN I saw the Chevy.
Damn...It really is as if they are daring you to buy it. Toyota and Lexus has been doing this for years too. That hideous Prius ! They could have developed a better looking car but seemed hell bent on beating the car with a hundred ugly sticks.
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Member Projects & Survivor Pictures
04/19/19 03:43 AM
Well you certainly made short order of the assembly.....Damn!
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Moparts Truck , Jeep & 4X4 Forum
04/19/19 03:42 AM
You can, but the 4 speed auto is longer then the 3 speed auto of the same size (904/A500 or 727/A518).
My luck with used automatic transmissions aren't very good. I would spring to have the one you have rebuilt, or buy a rebuilt trans from an online source. Gene
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/19/19 03:41 AM

i have run several with seal surface .010 us and std seal .!
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/19/19 03:35 AM
Well I'm going to be 67 in June. Started racing when I was 16 and my Brother in law and I went into a partnership on a race car when I was 17. When I was 19 we bought the 63 Dodge that I am running today! My Brother in law got out of it in 1974 and I raced it by myself until 1976. I then got married and had a couple of kids - then got divorced and got married again and had another kid then got divorced and got married again and here I am today. Got back into racing in 2003 with a 64 Dodge I bought at the Mopar Nats in 2002. Got into the NSS Racing and loved it. So after all this time I sill had the 63 Dodge from way back in the early 70's so I decided to take it out of the old barn and give it another go. Today the car will run very low 9's and if possible I want to continue to race for at the least another 10 years. We will see how the body holds out. I sure wish more of the younger generation would get involved but honestly I do not see that happening. You do see a few but my bet is that in the next 10/15 years you may as well put a fork into Drag racing.
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/19/19 03:34 AM
It appears the sensor wire is getting an incorrect reading. At idle the battery voltage shows 13 ish volts, the sensor wire shows 11.5. I have read about putting a relay in to correct the sensor wire issue. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for that? How difficult would that be? I have limited use of my arms, so I'd prefer not to have to tinker under the dash. Thanks!
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Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
04/19/19 03:21 AM
Originally Posted by hemicar1971
You had to spend some cash if you were running a stick car. My Challenger used a Liberty four speed crash box with the very high first and second gear and 538s in the Dana behind a smaller 430 ci Hemi, tunnel ram with doms. Launched at 6500, shifts at 9000 and 9900/10000 through the traps. Maintenance on this thing took up most or the week so you could race on the next weekend.

Hremicar1971 that is the same set up we had in our SS/D 1 Challenger. Hemi 4 speed and shifting at 8500 thru the traps at 9 grand. That hemi pulled hard.
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Moparts Truck , Jeep & 4X4 Forum
04/19/19 03:11 AM
I have a couple of people who might buy the leftovers.
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Moparts Hot Deals & New Products
04/19/19 03:02 AM
It would be nice if someone could post a YouTube video of their A-855 trans going thru the gears?
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Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
04/19/19 02:54 AM
Yeah that happens too. A lot of aftermarket mfgs are mom and pop shops and maybe they update the website and maybe they don't. It isn't like Amazon where they have 10,000 programmers working 24 hours a day on the website.
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Moparts General
04/19/19 02:46 AM
I'm flying into Harrisburg and meeting up with a crew from Indiana. How far is the show from the airport?
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Moparts Question and Answer
04/19/19 02:31 AM
Here's one source...They're always at Carlisle with their goods...Krusin Moons
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Moparts General
04/19/19 02:21 AM
It's pretty baffling how they knew enough about the process to confidently submerge 1,500 trees into the swamp for 25 years.
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
04/19/19 02:20 AM
New reproduction exhaust floor pan brackets from Accurate Ltd for A, B and E body applications. Replaces originals perfectly or add to the left side for dual exhaust conversions. Kits are zinc coated and include all hardware with instructions.
Call 541-672-2661 or order online while supplies last.
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Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
04/19/19 02:18 AM
As luck would have it the current issue of Mopar Action has a 70 RR 440-6 survivor article and it has a clear pic of the bracket..It appears the plastic wire clamp is natural{white} where the one in my pic shows it painted engine color..Just another detail I need to correct... twocents
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