After seeing the "Soft Lok Thread", I didn't want to hijack so started a new one.
I keep breaking the 18 spline A833, blow all the teeth off third gear on the cluster. Broke 3 in the last 8 years only going to the track about 5 times a year. Car is a 68 Plymouth b body, A833 with a centerforce clutch, 420HP to the rear tires with a 4.10 Dana that I don't drive on the street?
Is an adjustable clutch my answer? What other adjustable clutches like a McLeod Soft Lok are available? The "clutchtamer"
sounds interesting, anyone run one?
I'm wondering what I should do?? Different disc? get away from the cenerforce and go with a regular Ram or Mcleod? switch to an adjustable clutch? or maybe try a clutchtamer with it the centerforce??? The more I research it the more confused I'm getting, HELP?