What a great job, great looking place. Im heading to our Idaho property to pour 1680 sq ft of concrete in my new shop and then return later i the summer to enclose it. It includes and small 480 bunk house, a place to stay when we build. Your post has inspired me to get on it.



Im only 90 miles North of Boise Idaho. Cambridge. Its cattle country. I have 175 acres there. Sorry for the large amount of pics, as I just cut and pasted this from another thread. But we are doing what you are doing. I own the property outright and everything I do is out of pocket.

This pole barn was gong to be just that a barn, Now the side boards are comign down and concret is going in. Them conventional framing on the pad and it wil be a shop.


Its tall grass/ cattle country and includes a approx 2 acre pond we did.

IM having one of these put in for entry way in a few weeks when the weather cleans and enclosing our pole barn that 1680 sq ft that I started a few years ago. That's my new hotrod shop. I have 3500 sq ft now, so this will be downsizing. But as I get older, les is more, except for the land.

AS you can see the grass get very tall-- cattle country and we are going to raise cattle and a few Bison in selected areas with reinforced fencing.
This is at the top end of the property. Its 9/10ths of a mile long and pretty much all grass.

Northern Idaho is beautiful! My parents now live in Coeur d' Alene and my sister lives in Rathdrum.