Bill - that is AWESOME!! How far is it from Ludington? Maybe we can take a ride up there next summer when we come to visit for our annual week on the lake. Actually, I think we are going to spend 2 weeks in a row. Just can never get ehough of it.

Man - that is sure nice.


Eric, you should try to do that next summer. It's a 130 mile north of Ludsville. Maybe we'll have finished it by then. Antrim County (where we're building) is right up your alley. It sports "five-hundred square miles of watershed." Check it out here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elk_River_Chain_of_Lakes_Watershed
The lake across the road from us is chuck full of walleye! And Torch Lake has the most beautiful colored water! Guaranteed, once you visit there--you'll say goodbye to Ludington as your prime vacation spot. I think you can go 30 plus miles one way in your boat through the lakes and canal system before hitting a damn. Torch Lake alone is 26 miles long. By the way, I知 definitely in the market for a power boat to put in one of the garage bays beside the Chally.