Me and my wife our building this in Northern Michigan, on a recreational piece of property we own. I was going to build a pole bar and continue using our camper until we could afford to build a cabin. But this design allows living space and storage for the toys for a price we can afford. We just got back from working on it. I worked one day from 4:00 in the morning til 6:00 at night screwing deck boards down during a nasty snow storm. We池e trying to do as much work on it ourselves as we can to save money. We hope to have it sided and weathered in by the first week of December.

Boy can we relate. Building a similar layout here on St. Croix now, will eventually be my yacht design office/guest house over the garage/shop. That is, if we can ever afford to build the main house.

One question, is there any steel in that pour???? I guess you don't get hurricanes and earthquakes like we do.

Good luck with the project, we will be up early sanding, wood oiling, routing, screwing, gluing, sawing on ours tomorrow.


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