Lookin good! You better get some sealer over that hole they knocked in your camper if you haven't already. I keep a small roll of Eternabond in our camper for just such emergencies.

Great idea!

I知 hauling our camper to the place we bought from this morning. They need to replace the awning I broke this spring when I decided to empty the water that had collected on it during a heavy rain by releasing a support arm to the awning to lower one side. Not a good move! There must have been 800lbs of water that I couldn稚 hold. The support broke free from my hands and slammed against the trailer. The long aluminum tube that the awning rolls around broke in half. I did $1300 dollars of damage in less than a second! My insurance company paid, but I still had to pay my $600 dollar deductible. Now I need to get a bid for the ladder damage and have them fix that. Thankfully the contractor痴 insurance company is getting this bill. The damaged panels have part of the stripes to the side graphics on them. I bet the stripe package alone is big money. Not to mention the labor for changing two panels.