Any latest news on the spoiler fits and performance? I understand they look cool but has anyone else tried them out at high speed, engine cooling .....
Were the originals painted?

You'd have to have some test equipment hooked up to the suspension and do some well thought out tests. That way you get real quantified results. Someone saying, "felt like the front end was pushing down more" is a pretty poor judge. You could go to a track and do a back to back test with and without the spoiler with a good consistent skilled race driver. But he's not going to be able to tell you how many lbs of force it added to the front end.

But just look at the Car Life Magazine tests they did on a Camaro. That car has a very very similar aero profile as an E-body. They got results from that little spoiler. Magazines back in the day called the Cuda a copied 69 Camaro.

The one RylisPro made has like twice the surface area as a 69 Camaro front spoiler. There is no doubt RylisPro spoiler will give more downforce then the Camaro one that gave 75 lbs at 85mph.

This spoiler is a copy of the spoiler Dan Gurney's team/shop/engineers built for his 'Cuda in Trans Am. The Indy race cars Gurney built in that era were dominant and known for good aero. Gurney even invented a aero spoiler design called the "Gurney Flap". "The Gurney flap is the first aerodynamic development made in automobile racing that has been successfully transferred to aircraft engineering" So the designers at the Gurney team/shop knew aerodynamics.

And RylisPro's spoiler is lower to the ground than a Camaro. As a front spoiler gets lower to the ground, the amount of gained downforce increases. A same sized spoiler that is 1/16" from the track surface has double the down-force than if car was raised 1/2" in the front.

Now I realize you can't drive on the street with a spoiler 1/16" nor even 1/2". There are compromises. I think RylisPro spoiler is very maximized in terms of performance vs practicality with great looks.

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