I know anticipation kills so here are answers to some questions.

1. Yes they are still on track. I just started school again yesterday and have not checked with the plastic company. Ducted versions only

2. $200.00 + shipping. I will ship UPS so that it's insured and you get a tracking number. From 94520 to the east coast is approx $55-60 dollars but will vary according to zipcode

3. Can't reduce price since not enough demand. I was hoping for more interest in the spoiler and it is just not there and even then I am not breaking even. Oh well that is life. I'll be happy knowing my spoiler will be on a few other Cudas besides mine.

4. No Challenger version and I do not recommend modifying since it will weaken the spoiler. I have to get a fiberglass Challenger spoiler to do it properly

5. You have to drill your own holes. Use your own stainless hardware with nylock nuts to make it easily removable.

6. Installation is simple: remove the valance, line it up midline and front edge & drill holes
I used 8 bolts total with 16 large fender washers. There will be gaps but the spoiler will conform when bolted down

7. There are no wavy spots on the spoiler, that is just the light in the pics. I would paint the spoiler just to be safe from UV.

I'll post more pics and details when I get the first batch.
oh yeah I just field tested the spoiler on the freeway. My AAR hood exhibited zero hood lift at triple digits with the spoiler, compared to when it used to lift up at around eighty without the spoiler. So I guess it works

thanks for your patience

73 `Cuda
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