First time on Moparts I've ever heard anybody trying to conserve brainpower, I've got to think about that.

Nice brake ducts

Glad you like my ducts

They work...

What's a fast car to do???, Take the plunge and spoil up some more or leave it alone???...uh oh brainpower working...it's tough to get the floor jack under there with the low budget version, now I have more holes to drill, if there was a template you could mount it without removing the valance... I suppose you can make your own template...gotta buy hardware now, It would make more sense if the mounting & fastening was brain powered to completion and included with a higher cost rather than leaving it in the hands of the installer. Wonder what happens when you hit a woodchuck or raccoon at 100 mph??...not everyone that wants the spoiler is equipped to finish the engineering...a complete package is good for marketing and volume and eases the braindrain.