3. Can't reduce price since not enough demand. I was hoping for more interest in the spoiler and it is just not there and even then I am not breaking even. Oh well that is life. I'll be happy knowing my spoiler will be on a few other Cudas besides mine.

did you advertise on cuda-challenger.com? Not everyone goes to both sites. I'm sure there'd be more interest for these over there... I'll post there with your permission.


4. No Challenger version and I do not recommend modifying since it will weaken the spoiler. I have to get a fiberglass Challenger spoiler to do it properly

I'm looking REALLY HARD at this design to see if I could make it work. I can see how it will weaken it, but I'm trying to think of how much so... still be attached at each end and in the middle...

Either way I'm really happy you've started this project. I'm familiar with the process (at work we have a vacuum plastic sister company, i don't think they have a machine large enough for the long front spoiler...) and I just think its funny that it took you to realize how to make these, so simple...

1971 Challenger