The prototype ABS spoilers are here!
I had two different versions made. ducted & non-ducted

detail pics of the ducts

other side

backside view
anyone can open these up and use them for actual brake ducts

the plastic is thick and the whole spoiler is really strong. a dime for reference

close up texture shot

pic on my car
yeah I know, I need a new grille and my car is a bucket

but at least the spoiler is cool

The production spoilers will be the ducted ones and will not be ready until January 2010
only because I will be out of state for the holidays

I need to know if more people want these spoilers
because it only makes sense to have them made in batches

if you want one, please PM me your name and zipcode so that I can figure out the UPS shipping

pricing is not set yet but the
more units made the less it is per unit

73 `Cuda
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