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Jump to new posts TRW Reconditioned Rods? by EV2Bird @ Today at 12:29 PM

Cleaning I found a set of reconditioned oem rods from TRW. Big ends look nice, small ends look like they simply replaced the bushing without honing as I think they left them that way for the user to hone to size. My question is the rod bolts loo
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts San Fran/Bay Area CA to Ohio or NJ by EWJ @ Today at 12:21 PM

Looking for quotes from SF CA Bay area to the North East US. Final destination is Northern NJ, but if I can get something to Ohio I can deal with it from there. Running/driving car, but an extra engine also needs to make the trip. Thanks. Ed
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Jump to new posts MoPower Tour by dart4forte @ Today at 11:56 AM

Just curious, any board members attend? I see a lot Power Tour Tube videos but nothing on MoPower.
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Jump to new posts Carlisle vending spots available by 70440+6bbl @ Today at 10:47 AM

My buddy has three vending spots available right near the entrance of Building T. F116-118. If you have any interest, please PM me and I’ll get you in touch with him.
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Alan Rietz was the definition of a true Mopar guy. If anyone saw his collection, there was no doubting his passion for Mopars. Growing up, he drove an orange 1970 Dodge Challenger SE to high school as well as a blue 1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda; both ca
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts Looking for a bed and a transporter to the Nats by wedgeheaded @ Today at 08:01 AM

I'm looking for a clean dually bed for my 92 CTD and I'll be at the Nats. I thought somebody might be able to help me out. Thanks
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts Ventura, CA to Jacksonville, FL leaving today by Trulyvintage @ Today at 07:05 AM

June 19th Leaving 9 am .... Room for a vehicle east from Carpenteria, CA to Jacksonville, FL Taking I-40 east to Amarillo, TX - then going thru Dallas to I-10 Call or text if you live in the lower 48 states Otherwise PM or email me Thanks
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Anyone sprayed tinted raptor liner? by 71sat440 @ Yesterday at 08:29 PM

How involved is it? How close can you get the tint? Can you use any paint system?
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Jump to new posts It ain’t an engine, but is described that way... by 360view @ Yesterday at 11:08 AM So when we are describing real engines here on Moparts, lets start comparing them to coral reefs.
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Jump to new posts Silver Sport Transmissions Show Season Starts by Rustymuscle @ Yesterday at 09:40 AM

This past week many enthusiasts set off on the annual Hot Rod Power Tour and Silver Sport Transmissions were along for the ride. They set up at every stop for everyone to see their whole line of overdrive parts both manual and automatic along wit
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Jump to new posts Body plugs in a 71 b body. by 71sat440 @ 06/17/18 08:20 PM

I'm looking to weld up the plug holes. Problem is my cars been apart so long I forget which ones must be kept. I think there is one for the fuel sending unit. Do you have to keep the middle one in the trunk floor for access to the filler neck? Do
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Jump to new posts Body shop recommendations SE Mich by Matt H @ 06/17/18 11:56 AM

Haven't been on here in years but looking for someone that can finish my 68 Charger (still). I'm at the point of replacing the quarters and the rest of the rear end sheet metal pretty much and not totally confident that I can handle that. I'm in the
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Small Block Valve Cover ? by RoadRunnerLuva @ 06/16/18 10:29 PM

Does anyone here currently use Mancini Racing's fabricated polished aluminum valve cover set (pn# MRE6246POL) on their small blocks? I have not contacted them yet..and their website is vague for the description. Do they come complete with hardware/br
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Mancini Heater Cores by PossessedDuster @ 06/16/18 12:14 PM

I need a heater core for my 67' Belvedere but don't have an original to be re cored. I see Mancini sells copper and brass ones they claim have correct tube length and placement. Any opinions on them?
Mopar Connection Magazine
For Fred Bonadonna, his passion for Mopars goes way back to his early childhood. “I’ve loved cars since I was a baby. My aunt told my mother that I was going to be a car nut and man, was she right! When I saw my cousin’s brand new ’68 Dod
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I purchased a few extra spot I don't need. N113, N114, N115 & N116. Take one or all. They are directly behind our 6 spots on Row O. These spots are 10'W x 30'D.
Moparts Question and Answer
Has anyone done any tests of wind resistance between the E body or the 1971-72 B body. Thanks.
Mopar Connection Magazine
A few weekends ago we had a chance stop by a couple of our favorite spots and check out a lot of cool cars. Our pals at Big 3 Racing hosted their annual dyno day and car show at their shop. While attending the show we learned that Mopars at Summi
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Couple questions. 03 5.7 with 05 computer by Biggie @ 06/13/18 01:25 PM

Can the rev limiter be deleted or changed from computer? Also has anyone modified the oil fill tube so it is shorter/smaller? Thanks. Eric
Moparts Restoration & A12 Forum
Jump to new posts 💥⚡Going to the Chrysler Nationals?⚡💥 by moparmadman69 @ 06/13/18 01:19 PM

It's that time of year again! We are now taking orders on complete exhaust systems for the Chrysler Nationals in Carlisle, PA. We are still looking for an E-body and max wedge exhaust system for display. If you are willing to let us use your
Mopar Connection Magazine
The first annual Beaver Springs Dragway Mopar or No Car Nationals was held on June 8th and 9th in Beaver Springs, PA. Although the weather forecasts called for downpours, the only thing that rained down on the track both days was sun. First year
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