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Mayor of Nielsville: AKA license to speed, get out of jail free card. (:
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Moparts - Monte Smith Official Power Adder Thread by FastmOp @ 2 minutes 51 seconds ago

Picked up a couple hair dryers for my Road Runner. Just a couple gen 2 Pro Mod 98mm precision turbos.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: They DO exist! by tex013 @ 3 minutes 3 seconds ago

Originally Posted By BradHOriginally Posted By bigdadThere is a unused world block in want ads here for $4800 Just saw that... and the seller is only an hour+ drive south of me. Too bad I'm not really in the market. you will be Brad , when yo
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Jump to new posts Re: Major HEMI car stach found in Conn!!!!!!!! by hemi71x @ 5 minutes 29 seconds ago

Guys, you have been bustin my balls, then yanking my chain, pulling my leg, for the past eight pages or so, when i fell for the prank with the two pictures of the die cast, model cars, in the most likely photo cropped pictures in that guys reply. I
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Jump to new posts Re: RAM TECHS? 08 RAM STALLS AT STOPLIGHT by Fat_Mike @ 13 minutes 59 seconds ago

There's a similar thread in the "general" section right now. Different motor, so might not help...
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Jump to new posts Re: hummm just notest some thing about kindigit cars by ChryCoGuy @ 20 minutes 19 seconds ago

I didn't know anything about whatever digit cars were until this thread. But they don't all have the same door handles. My life is better now that I have read this thread.
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Jump to new posts Re: Have information on RM23M9A257120 by JDR1967 @ 28 minutes 20 seconds ago

The car was definitely a column auto originally. I have received information that it has bee re-bodied and has an obvious fake fender tag. What a shame.
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Jump to new posts Re: Christmas movies what ya watchinnnn? by Old_Moparz @ 34 minutes 11 seconds ago

The best Christmas movie that you never heard of. "Vendetta, A Christmas Story" Found it online almost 20 years ago & got the free DVD that was being offered. Even the postage was covered by the guy who made the movie. Picture an
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 rb plug wire bracket reference pics by A12 @ 40 minutes 2 seconds ago

The only thing I don't see is the number 8 cylinder wire two single brackets on the passenger's side valve cover if it is the same (1-year only) as the '68 383 Road Runner?
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Jump to new posts Re: More missing screws: '71 B Body Rallye Cluster dash by Fab64 @ 43 minutes 7 seconds ago

Thank you, Joe - you have a PM. NachoRT74 and 72roadrunnergtx: Thanks for the additional info. I've gone through all my pics, and can't find one of the back side of the cluster. I also can't believe I never noticed this when I had everything apart
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Jump to new posts Re: 440 Main Bearings by Supercuda @ 54 minutes 34 seconds ago

Originally Posted By ZIPPYMAHLE/CLEVITE MS2324P Small diameter thrust bearing. You can use them in the later blocks but you give up some thrust bearing capacity.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Dodge Charger by moparphilll @ 57 minutes 44 seconds ago

Both Quarters are SOLID BONDO!
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Jump to new posts Re: My favorite Christmas song by SNK-EYZ @ 58 minutes 59 seconds ago

I'm surprised that someone (cat lovers or someone else) hasn't been offended by it. Too many people are finding silly things to be offended by these day. I think my favorite is this one.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Optimum lifter preload by fast68plymouth @ Today at 03:49 PM

Originally Posted By TransmanA question for fast - in theory, wouldn’t weaker valve springs allow quicker and more violent lifter separation/pump up? Wouldn’t weaker valve springs take longer to “pump down” the plunger versus a stronger spri
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Jump to new posts Re: California going to tax per text message by njmopar @ Today at 03:47 PM

They are probably too clueless to know this but if you are messaging an imessage from an iphone to iphone this is not a SMS or Text message. It is part of your data usage. Only if you are messaging from an iphone to an android is it sent as an SMS.
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Jump to new posts Re: 70’s vans...latest obsession. by MidPenMopar @ Today at 03:42 PM

Originally Posted By That puts the nail in the coffin,. Stu, you are officially my hero! That is/was a way cool van! Anybody know where to buy a Viking hat?!?! Jeff And i can get you the toga to go with it too if you so desire!
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: MATS . Small Tire Mopar race by johnnycuda @ Today at 03:41 PM

I haven't been to MATS since like 2009 I think, I may have to go just to watch this race, mine is too slow to compete, just mid-10 N/A, but may run time only or something.
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 904 nearly there.... by John_Kunkel @ Today at 03:33 PM

What is the number of the Fairbanks kit you installed? Sounds like it isn't full manual.
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Jump to new posts Re: 77 Ramcharger w/plow Madion, WI Craigslist by Satilite73 @ Today at 03:23 PM

Too bad the entire tag can't be read.
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Originally Posted By dogdays Unless your ignition system is really down and out you won't see a noticeable increase in power or efficiency by going to a more capable system. I know that and I do it anyway. But take a good conventional system and in
Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
Hard to argue with the light weight of an A body as a starting point, but it does come with other items that would have to be addressed. But, what do you means when you say "a track car for racing"? This is as broad a question as saying yo
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Dodge Charger, $47K MD by fc7_plumcrazy @ Today at 03:09 PM

Originally Posted By MONCThose dark argent Rallye wheels look aweful IMO +1 Carsten
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This exact ad, without underhood pics, was posted on Craigs Kansas City about 4 days ago. Between that and the ridiculous ask price, I smell something.
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Wow, awesome nice find there! I have always loved the front end on the 55's
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Jump to new posts Re: Western NY AMD Dealer by 4406bbl @ Today at 02:52 PM

Supercar restorations
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