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Jump to new posts Re: Off-roading Tires by OhioMopar @ 11 minutes 53 seconds ago

I ran Dick Cepek Mud Terrains on my '01 Ram for quite a while. (They were out of Fun Countrys). They were surprisingly quiet and they went absolutely anywhere I wanted to go. The tread wear was better than I expected, too.
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Jump to new posts Re: Gen 3 flywheel types? by Silver70 @ 12 minutes 49 seconds ago

Looked at the billet aluminum one I have and turns out it is the passenger side starter style which matches my bell... lucky I guess. Wonder what happens if you mix them up... if they still catch but not fully or what. All the ones I've saw for sa
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Jump to new posts Re: WW2 era aircraft fans... by DirectSubjection @ 29 minutes 3 seconds ago

P61s - look at that beauty around 5 minutes in wow!
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Jump to new posts Re: Thermoquad primary/secondary linkage help by RayR @ 29 minutes 51 seconds ago

Update, As a reminder this post is to try and get some advice whether the 'manual' linkage is good or not on an auto car, and should I try to get this working correctly? I have added some pictures that I hope will explain this issues. Pic 1 show
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Jump to new posts Re: Swapping Flexplates by Cab_Burge @ 32 minutes 4 seconds ago

Probably not I would get ready to slide the tranny back AFTER disconnecting the converter first and go from there, you might get lucky Do you have any of the older skinny flywheel open end wrenches? If so you might be able to swing it
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Jump to new posts Re: B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter by rubberduck @ 39 minutes 28 seconds ago

Looking for 1969 Coronet quarter panel end caps for both sides. Mario
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Jump to new posts Re: E body am radio value by BigMoneyLewis @ 55 minutes 21 seconds ago

It could be, I know I did one for Alan Gallant's FJ6 440+6 'Cuda a few years back , as well as a couple others. Having done close to 5,000 Mopar radios , it's hard to remember . Greg
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 barracuda by big-block-dave @ Today at 01:53 AM

Originally Posted By RhinodartI just went through Merrillville a couple hours ago with an empty open trailer, good think I didn't see this one... You should have turned around.....
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Plymouth Duster by 6bblgt @ Today at 01:41 AM

Originally Posted By buildanotherMust have just hit a 6 instead of 7 for model year. twice
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I bent the tank flanges by the rear spring hangars to clear the springs moved into the inside of the outer rear sub frame rails on my 1966 dodge Coronet Deluxe two door sedan I used a dead blow hammer on my 1969 Dart GTS to make clearance on th
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Mopar performance starter help by ozymaxwedge @ Today at 01:39 AM

I have been using the cheap mini starters on ebay, they are that cheap that I have 5 of them on the shelf but have only had one fail in 10 years and using them in 12.5-1 big blocks, best deal I have had was $80 aussie so about $60 USD. Ive seen lots
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Jump to new posts Re: 68 Barracuda 383 in Reno by 6bblgt @ Today at 01:38 AM

per the VIN, it is a 340 car * BH29P8B *
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Jump to new posts Re: 1968 Dodge Polara vin locations? by 6bblgt @ Today at 01:23 AM

Originally Posted By mopargemOriginally Posted By 68CbargeAs mentioned,there are no VIN numbers on 68 engines and transmissions. Yes there are vin numbers on 68 drivetrains just not stamped in the typical 69 later locations. It is on top next to oil
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Jump to new posts Dakota Towing Burns Fuel Pump by gdc5200 @ Today at 01:09 AM

1996 Dakota 3/9 5 spd MT: This is my daily driver, and tow vehicle. I have been driving this truck since January 2010 and been suffering the same problem since. I got this truck at 220k miles, and now has 360k miles. It started as fuel starvation w
Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
Jump to new posts Re: F/M/J body torsion bars by EagleDuster @ Today at 01:03 AM

Just from the little I've read regarding improving old American car suspensions, a shorter spindle is generally a bad thing; at ride height the centerline through the upper A-arms (bushings to upper ball joint) should be near parallel with the ground
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The 4WD is way more valuable. The Chevy Boys like the 2WD so they can put on dropped spindles. The early 74 top is neat but you have to find one that is rust free. However I don't know if that is an advantage over some of the funky things done i
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Jump to new posts Re: autonomous cars? not for me by hooziewhatsit @ Today at 12:50 AM

Originally Posted By Guitar JonesSo did the car call 911? If two autonomous cars are in an accident do they exchange information? What if the car breaksdown, does it call a tow truck? Does it try to get off the road? Does it try to restart itself? Wh
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That price seems crazy too. I'm sure they are drop shippers like all the other sellers on there.
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Jump to new posts Re: Piston Identification? "992P" Found In 360 by Remy-Z @ Today at 12:39 AM

No valve relief, but the caliper doesn't lie: 4.040. For once, I'm pleasantly surprised with what I find in an engine. Thanks for the help!
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Jump to new posts Re: Attention FWD Shelby mopar lovers... by OhioMopar @ Today at 12:22 AM

Originally Posted By feetsOne of the magazines took a (then) new Shelby GLH and an older Mustang GT350 (small cam and headers) to a road course and the little FWD car destroyed the Ford.
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Asphalt concrete is also referred to a flexible pavement. To properly construct concrete paving (rigid) the reinforcing and de-watering subgrade, and constructing reinforced structural concrete ends up more expensive than constructing asphalt structu
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Jump to new posts Re: College grads by OhioMopar @ Today at 12:18 AM

I just joined the college graduate ranks in December. I don't, however, hold the belief that either shipping company is run by the federal government. I shouldn't have waited so long to go back to school, however.
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Jump to new posts Re: CAN YOU MAKE BIG HP WITH A SMALL CAM by AndyF @ Today at 12:18 AM

Yes I'm sure it can be done but if it is your first rodeo it might take a few tries before you find the correct combo. My pump gas low deck 470 makes around 700 hp with out of the box Trick Flow 240 heads. I'm running a roller cam so you'll give up s
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Jump to new posts Re: The Barn Find of a lifetime for me..... by OhioMopar @ Today at 12:14 AM

Wow! That is an awesome score.
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Race Parts - 1st Quarter by OhioMopar @ Yesterday at 11:59 PM

I found a car that I would really like to pick up, so I'm going to throw my stroker out to see if I can make a miracle happen. If it doesn't sell, I'll be fine. It has break in time on it, but has not been in a car since built. 400 block .040"
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