I have a Kelsey Tire Inc list in front of me. They list E60x15 RWL E/S tires. I need the same but N/S. I need at least 12. Are they being made yet? N/S is for early 1970 production, of which most of my cars are. Can you help me Rusty??!!

I spoke with John this morning and as we always say, never say never!!!!! But, with this tire, he has not seen an example of a no size E60-15. Yes, he has blueprints but to his knowledge, there was not an example of a no-size E60-15 produced.

As for tires being made, it is not a simple process as a tire has to have molds made (correctly and accurately), trial runs, testing for the Goverment (NHSTA and DOT), and other things. The business case has to be there.

Most of the time, original molds were secured and taken care of (reworked). Others, like the G70-15 Redstripe (for the A12 cars), is a tough one because a mold has to be created from scratch.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for your interest.


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