Thanks for the compliments on my car. I purchased it in '95 with 24K original miles. It now has 48K miles. I run at the Pure Stock Drags in September and sometimes to the FAST/ Factory Stock event @ Martin. With a/c and me in the car 4200#'s. Just my little bit of thearpy!!

I had someone ask last night and I am sorry I have not shared this information. Kelsey is currently in the development phase of their first non-OEM size Polyglas reproduction. Currently, the L60-15 Polyglas GT is in the delvelopment phase and if the planets align will be available to the public in July/ August time frame. I will keep everyone informed of the progress.

Snarl softly and carry a BIG stick 1969 Hurst/Olds Pure Stock 13.23@ 103.1 and the a/c blows cold! Rusty Small