Hello and Happy New Year!!!

I am here to help. Keep my phone number in your pocket while you are at the upcoming auctions. Give a call if you want to find out what the cost of a correct set of tires will be. As you are looking at these beauties in Chrome and Paint, remember this: Goodyear Eagle ST's were last made in 1993-94. Those tires are now at least 20 years old.

It does not matter the car, give me a jingle and I will give you a solid number to safe back on your bid. Speedway Wide Tread, Polyglas, Blue Streaks, Steelgards, Custom Tread (Steel Belted Radial), Polysteel, Eagle GT's, Gatorbacks. Give me a call with your questions, I will be happy to help!!



Snarl softly and carry a BIG stick 1969 Hurst/Olds Pure Stock 13.23@ 103.1 and the a/c blows cold! Rusty Small