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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Truck / Van / Jeep Vehicles - 4th Quarter by 64plymouth426 @ 11/09/18 09:45 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: 1976 T&C Wagon project cheap by 62maxwgn @ 11/09/18 09:43 PM

Miss mine !!
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Jump to new posts Re: SB Victor head exhaust flanges, anybody need a set? by mopardude318 @ 11/09/18 08:46 PM

CJD, tell us about that Stef's oil pan...those "legos" are pretty cool. Where do you get those. Very nice work.
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451Mopar, is that alternator internally or externally regulated? I prefer internally regulated just to clean up the wiring some, and not have to mount the external voltage regulator somewhere. I also prefer a 3 wire, not a one wire. They provide a da
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Jump to new posts Re: Brakes are very sensitive, Booster? by Moparpete @ 11/09/18 08:17 PM

I will leave that up to the new owner, he is a member of the board
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Jump to new posts Re: Eicke pro stock head #4876254 by Al_Alguire @ 11/09/18 06:58 PM

Originally Posted By HardcoreBOriginally Posted By Al_AlguireLooks like a BBC to me But I see a "B1" that even the NHRA allowed. Aren't there current NMCA rules being 'exploited' in that same vane? e.g.-DRCE/"Old's" weight break
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Jump to new posts Re: 69 Charger fender question, AMD vs used by 540challenger @ 11/09/18 06:51 PM

My problem with used sheet metal is u have no clue of its condition until u strip it down. I have used AMD, and dynocorn sheet metal some minor things needed to be fixed but nothing terrible to deal with.
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I know a guy that blew up a B motor like that, there was just enough left of the block to support the heads and intake. Even broke the cam out of the block!
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Jump to new posts Re: W9 451 Project by WHITEDART @ 11/09/18 06:21 PM

Those are some nice looking Pistons congratulations on your progress..
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Jump to new posts Re: Magnetic drain plug for A833? by John_Kunkel @ 11/09/18 06:16 PM

Well, ya made me look and you're right...1/2" fill, 3/8" drain.
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Jump to new posts Re: Bleeding Strange front Disc Brakes by pittsburghracer @ 11/09/18 04:57 PM

Originally Posted By SammyOriginally Posted By pittsburghracerOriginally Posted By SammyOriginally Posted By pittsburghracerSammy you may not end up doing it but I ended up buying a pressure bleeder from Summit to get my Strange brakes bleed right. M
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Jump to new posts Re: Can you hear me now? by RoadRunnerLuva @ 11/09/18 04:47 PM

Same here, a kid I grew up with down the street from me bought a '79 Cutlass as his first car. I believe his was white though.
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Jump to new posts Re: 74 Duster.....$2,000 by Twostick @ 11/09/18 04:46 PM

A friend of mine just sold this one. He was asking $8500 and got most of it. /6 auto grandma car. Car was done over 20 years ago and is a nice driver but no show car. New owner is planning a Gen3 with a 6spd. Kevin
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Jump to new posts Re: Want to get Hedman shorty Headers by Triggerfish @ 11/09/18 04:07 PM

I agree with you for sure. We just broke in the 383 in my 68 D100 & the Hedman (over $400) shorty ceramic coating isn't as shiny now for sure. Didn't thnk the temp was too high, but even as nice as their quality & ft is, the coating is dffer
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Jump to new posts Re: Fred O'Bannion has his Duster up for sale by RoadRunnerLuva @ 11/09/18 03:52 PM

Originally Posted By OhioMoparI wonder if it still has a trunk full of beer? Also, wonder if it has the FAH-Q paddle from woodshop class, to give a beatdown to all the new incoming freshman punks!
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I've seen pics of some cars Roth's built. Tony - Mind if I swipe your signature and modify it for my own? "... SLOW-A$$ STREET CAR... even when it's actually running "
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Y’know Jeep guys can’t leave well enough alone, so why would anyone expect the gurus at ExtremeTerrain to leave this pristine 2018 JL 2-door Wrangler “as-is” from factory? Pfft! Get real! As they said, “Throttle Out” host Ryan Huck wa
Transport Services Wanted/Offered
Jump to new posts shipping by Furys @ 11/09/18 03:09 PM

need a car hauled from 77423 to 53916 no motor or tranz 1969 dodge dart
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Awesome Leah Pritchett interview by hemi-itis @ 11/09/18 02:56 PM

Great find Joel,thank you.I am a fan of hers!Especially now that I gave up on pro stock this factory showdown is the sh*& and she just took all the marbles! And yes,she very good on the eyes
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Jump to new posts Re: C-Barge Driver by RoadRunnerLuva @ 11/09/18 02:33 PM

Reminds me of the car in "The Hurricane" with Denzel Washington. Cool car for the money! It would be a fun cruiser. And who cares about the hubcaps anyway...put some cop car rims on it with new tires, and be done with it.
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Jump to new posts Re: Still around...barely. Long...get popcorn by Pyper70 @ 11/09/18 01:59 PM

Originally Posted By DaytonaTurboVery sorry to hear of your experience. Terrible that the insurance won't cover you because someone else started a fire. How long was it between you seeing the smoke over the mountain and flames on your yard? I drove
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Jump to new posts Re: 1971 Cuda by RoadRunner @ 11/09/18 01:22 PM

Originally Posted By ragtopdodgeIs this the same car? ebay link Does not appear to be. The shaker car is blue, as you can see in door jambs. This one is green. And you can see green in door jambs. Also, the blue car has rudimentary 4 speed
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Jump to new posts Re: 1973 Plymouth Road Runner by Moparpete @ 11/09/18 12:58 PM

so much wrong/ not right with this car. wasn't the two tone int a 71 only thing? pictures are terrible but in one it looks like 71/72 style seat pattern
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Jump to new posts Re: extra hour by second 70 @ 11/09/18 12:05 PM

Originally Posted By 65pacecarI say we Spring ahead one more time and just stay there. Love the extra hour of "daytime" after work. I couldn't agree more.
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Jump to new posts Any Experience With GB Remanufactured Fuel Injectors by Orange_Crush @ 11/09/18 12:00 PM

My daily driver (220,000 miles) is starting to throw codes for a knock sensor, so while I have the intake manifold off, I want to go ahead and replace the fuel injectors. I was thinking about sending them off to have them cleaned, but then I saw tha
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