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Jump to new posts Re: The one year challenge by JERICOGTX @ Yesterday at 09:12 AM

I'll be happy when warmer weather gets here also. I want to get back in the garage, and continue body work.
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Jump to new posts Re: Vintage snowmobile by oldjonny @ Yesterday at 09:03 AM

Originally Posted By bigdadOld snowmobiles are just like women .. work on them for 2 hours to ride them 5 minutes 5 minutes..? Are you bragging?
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Jump to new posts Re: ritter intake by w2stroker @ Yesterday at 08:44 AM

damn! lol figures just my luck. I ordered one from kent last week
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Jump to new posts Re: '79 PW- Macho?-$1950 on craigslist... by cdstl @ Yesterday at 08:32 AM

Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: 3000hp KABOOM by I_bleed_MOPAR @ Yesterday at 08:09 AM

Saw a diesel run away with a tech once. He had replaced the short block and came back in the shop with it screaming. Several of us ran over and stuffed a work jacket into the air intake and choked it down. Scary couple of minutes. Tim
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Inline oil heater by polyspheric @ Yesterday at 07:36 AM

remove the oil and heat it externally Heated on a big stove before being added to the crankcase: aero engines in 1914. Leaving heavy oil in the car is harmless... until/unless you need to start it. Thick oil not only kills cranking speed, but when
Moparts A Body
Jump to new posts Truck load of 4 speed and drivetrain parts `69 383 `Cuda by littleredcoffin @ Yesterday at 06:55 AM

`69 383 4 speed `cuda was parted out...Car is long gone.Factory big block bellhousing and cover with clutch fork.I have the complete 4 speed trans from the car,with shifter,rods,levers,box,handle.k frame,motor mounts,flywheel,z bar,pass through rod,c
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Do I need to change distribution block? by Guitar Jones @ Yesterday at 06:33 AM

If you are looking for a braking system that works with little effort you should consider a hydro-boost system. I converted my 92 to rear discs and installed a hydro-boost setup off a 98 truck and wow what a difference. It's really like night and day
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Jump to new posts Re: Poly / Hemi Build by Mike P @ Yesterday at 06:07 AM

I was mistaken. The Plymouth Polys (the "A" series of motors) was apparently introduced in 1956. The Plymouth 301 (often misidentified by owners/potential buyers as a 318) was a one year only engine in 1957. Other than the factory des
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Jump to new posts Re: Congrats to Clemson and their fans by Frankenduster @ Yesterday at 02:34 AM

Good team.
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Jump to new posts Re: Best Way to Strip and Refinish Steel Rim by Morty426 @ Yesterday at 01:40 AM

Originally Posted By ScottSmith_HarmsDegrease first, lots of heavy duty detergent then HOT steam cleaner/pressure washer. Then overnight in Evaporust. Then use a chemical stripper to remove paint. Once stripped give it another steam cleaning treatmen
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Jump to new posts Re: Auto paintera by Morty426 @ Yesterday at 01:25 AM

Originally Posted By NANKETHoly fisheyes Batman, shouldn't he have found this out last week? Yes Robin, bit some were never in the boy scouts. LOL - That's hell o funny - must be a Washington winter getting you all feisty Sammy - good job on ge
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Friction modifer for cone sure-grip? by RapidRobert @ 01/20/19 11:57 PM

Originally Posted By PurpleBeeperI believe "Ford" brand is recommended by several people I've seen & some parts stores carry it (Ford dealers too obviously) thats what I heard too. dont have a part #.
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Originally Posted By hemi-itisI have the 6AL-2 that has programmable timing and boost retard.All set with a laptop! I have a non programable digital MSD 7 and a new MSD grid box sitting on the shelf waiting for the new drag car to get completed to g
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Excellent build! Love my 57 Belvedere
Moparts Truck , Jeep & 4X4 Forum
I had them set at the same time I had the one injector replaced, probably around 115,000 miles. I should do them myself but I can't lean over the fenders on this truck motor now like I use to be able to do several years ago I remove the slide off f
Unlawfl's Race & Engine Tech
Jump to new posts Re: I NEED A CAM LIFT EXPLANATION by madscientist @ 01/20/19 10:05 PM

Originally Posted By A/MPI'm reflecting the cam choices we made back in the 60-70"s. FT Isky cam with .550 and 292 duration. Bumped up to what you get for a bracket cam with a lift in the range of .520-.590 and a duration of 300-310. Looking at
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Jump to new posts Re: Hemi A12 by HemiA12Bee @ 01/20/19 10:00 PM

Thanks. US Car Tool sells them. Very nice pieces!
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Jump to new posts Re: A-12 on the Rapid Transit Tour ? by Devil @ 01/20/19 09:35 PM

The Hot Rod Power Tour is 1000X better.
Gen III Hemi Tech
Jump to new posts Re: Hellcat create engine fit into an E-body K-frame? by Convertcuda @ 01/20/19 09:08 PM

Thanks. I understand but I wanted to see what it would take to do it.
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Jump to new posts Re: RAM TECHS? 08 RAM STALLS AT STOPLIGHT by SALEM1912 @ 01/20/19 09:04 PM

Have had trucks where the lock up trans convertor doesn't release when coming to a stop, causing the truck to stall just like a stick truck that you would forget to push the clutch in. Have you had the trans serviced recently? Some times the filter
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Lower ball joints for 1969 Chrysler Newport by tex013 @ 01/20/19 08:59 PM

Hemi , car has drum front brakes , knuckle/joint combined Andrewh , thanks for that will discuss with owner . looks like a way better buy . Though he has supplied new upper joints already Tex
Moparts Question and Answer
Jump to new posts Re: Size tires for 15" rims on a 68 Dart GT? by autoxcuda @ 01/20/19 08:57 PM

Hopefully he has 4.25” backspace in them. If so... safe: 215/60/15 front, 225/60/15 rear. More aggressive 245/60/15 rear
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Jump to new posts Re: 65 Polara by 67vertman @ 01/20/19 08:48 PM

that does look nice. a little overpriced in my eyes, but clean.
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