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Jump to new posts Re: Looking for In order of preference ignition system by Spaceman Spiff @ 12/16/18 03:12 PM

Originally Posted By SupercudaDr Jacobs got bought out a long time ago and I don't think anything is available in the US. I had a Jacobs pro street system on a car 20 years ago. It would randomly shut off, but then start right back up, and be ok.
Moparts Question and Answer
Dang this is a lot of info. Great info, but I gotta go through it more. Thanks for the feedback
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Jump to new posts Re: Pistons soaked? by justinp61 @ 12/16/18 02:21 PM

Darn I love winter on Moparts!
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Jump to new posts Re: 1971 cuda missing grille support brackets by ScottSmith_Harms @ 12/16/18 02:08 PM

Those went un used
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Jump to new posts Re: Link to my demon by fastnos @ 12/16/18 01:09 PM

Going to try and buy it back? Looks like the bid is only a little over $2k now. Definately worth that in parts to you, to switch into a different body! Plus all the blood, sweat, and tears you have in it. Alot of it can be saved, even if you dont hav
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Jump to new posts Re: any body know about these cuda`s by migsBIG @ 12/16/18 01:07 PM

Originally Posted By rrbrucea Dude, that' was soo funny!
Corners Are Best - Handling Tech
Originally Posted By TC@HP2Shorter wheelbase E body-better for mid speed turning, gymkana style driving. Longer wheelbase B body-better for sustained high speed stability, top end driving. Shorter and narrow A body-better for tight, twisty, autocros
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Jump to new posts Re: 1990 Dodge D150 - $3500 Abingdon MD by not_a_charger @ 12/16/18 12:39 PM

Originally Posted By larrymopar360Those fake scoops look awful! Worse than the roof visor! For sure...and that's really saying something.
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Superbee Question by therocks @ 12/16/18 12:14 PM

My 69 had no side scoops either.Plus was bench auto column car.Rocky
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Jump to new posts Re: 1970 Duster by larrymopar360 @ 12/16/18 12:13 PM

Originally Posted By blewbyuI had it bought until late last night, until someone offered him $12,500.00 he just txt me it sold. Well dang, fellow Floridian. Better luck next time
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Jump to new posts Re: 1979 Trailduster with 16k original miles (?) by larrymopar360 @ 12/16/18 12:10 PM

I'm far from an expert and could be wrong, but the first thing that caught my eye was the tint of paint. Did not appear factory. I might be wrong on that, but several question marks now. The interior is most impressive. Still, IMO most definitely wor
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Dodge Charger by larrymopar360 @ 12/16/18 12:07 PM

Originally Posted By mopargemTom have you been drinking? Thats not a road runner
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Could use some for other years. This is a good price. Not mine.
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Jump to new posts Re: Which electric water pump ? by Quicktree @ 12/16/18 11:52 AM

I have 2 Meziere SB water pumps 1 black 1 red with block off plate and outlet fitting $300 each shipped email me if interested.
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Jump to new posts Re: Original Mr. Norm’s T-Shirt by floyd @ 12/16/18 11:35 AM

6bblgt for the win! V-code, n-96, 4-spd, Mr. Norm’s Car.
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Jump to new posts Re: For Sale - Race Cars - 4th Quarter by HR3128 @ 12/16/18 11:17 AM

For Sale – 1993 Daytona – Turn Key, Ready to Run. Health/Retirement sale. Turn key 1993 Dodge Daytona with 377” small block. R3 block(48 degree, 9.2” Deck), W8 heads, Roller Cam, Jesel Rockers, Gebler Stainless Tri-Y Headers, Coan Powerglide
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Jump to new posts Re: Who's knows SuperBees value pretty well? by MidPenMopar @ 12/16/18 10:51 AM

Originally Posted By Big Bad BeeLate to the conversation but I’d say $26k tops depending on a ton of nitty gritty that is tough to see till you’re in front of it. Well said....................and let's leave it at that!
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Jump to new posts Re: Max build questions. by ric3xrt @ 12/16/18 10:37 AM

They look good, Necessity is the mother of HOT rodding, Just be careful of MAX travel.
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Jump to new posts Re: 2004 Sebring Transmission by moparx @ 12/16/18 10:20 AM

2.5 and 3.0 are the same ? i didn't know that. thanks transman !
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Jump to new posts Re: Nice old Mopar ads by rdrnr6970 @ 12/16/18 10:19 AM

Ive still got a few,very,very cool!
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Jump to new posts Re: Great Old Tom Hoover Quote: by rdrnr6970 @ 12/16/18 10:17 AM

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Jump to new posts Re: Oil Pressure Gauge - Elect or Mec by moparx @ 12/16/18 10:15 AM

Originally Posted By DaytonaTurboOriginally Posted By moparxas for oil pressure lines, i have used tiny hydraulic hoses. way better than that crappy plastic line [which, in my opinion, is good only for vacuum use] and way cheaper than braided an hose
Moparts B Body
Jump to new posts Re: 71 up - B Body Cars For Sale - 4th Quarter by cudascooter @ 12/16/18 10:11 AM

1971 Dodge Charger RT survivor. Matching numbers car with just under 54k miles. 440 magnum with 4 speed and Dana 354. Console and bucket seat car. Not too many other options other than that. Fender tag and two build sheets. Selling due to anothe
Moparts A Body
Jump to new posts 68-69 Ignition switch light and harness by littleredcoffin @ 12/16/18 09:57 AM

68-69 Ignition switch key light and harness.Hard to find little piece..Mr price will not be beaten $25 shipped to you in USA.Postal Money orders only,calls only 603 209 1678.I do not PM.
Moparts Question and Answer
Some of the “good enough” comments baffle me. Not to insult you guys but, have you restored a car? A lot of aftermarket parts need massaging to fit. I get it, but that piece is garbage. Reminds me of those horrid vacuuformed Dashco E body door p
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