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Dropped my k-frame off today. Doesn't need blasting. $275 is the quote, brackets included, but I'm pulling those as they should be body color.
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Jump to new posts Re: COMP TEST RESULTS ON 360 by RapidRobert @ 06/21/18 08:24 PM

Quote: Motor info is unknown to me, how wild/mild is the cam? what does it idle at?
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Jump to new posts Re: Who uses UPS a lot? by 11secdart @ 06/21/18 08:21 PM

UPS picks up at my work everyday, so I go online and figure the price and tell the secretary the weight and amount she prints a label and I give the money to my boss. I have found that the rates tend to be a little cheaper thru work.
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Ground from body to switch should be checked also and the switch should also be checked
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Jump to new posts Re: Yard equipment: Stihl vs. Honda? by YYZ @ 06/21/18 07:46 PM

Thanks all for the good advice. I’m interested to hear how the battery powered unit works out. Pickup up a Stihl rig today. The trimmer is total overkill for the city (have to learn to really feather the throttle) but the extended length hedg
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Jump to new posts Re: Orange and Chrome Mopar ignition boxes by ragtopdodge @ 06/21/18 06:24 PM

Good. Maybe folks will stop drilling holes in their firewalls to mount them. Get a Pertronix for a cheap ignition system.
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Jump to new posts Re: 71 b body radiator hole ? by 71sat440 @ 06/21/18 05:45 PM

Thanks for the info I appreciate it.
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Jump to new posts Re: How to identify this old Hemi! by Jim_Lusk @ 06/21/18 05:19 PM

Value really depends on what it is. When I had my old 325 my research told me that the value starts at the 392, then the 354, followed by the 325 and 331. The Dodge 315 has some performance value, but everything else is eye candy. There were bigger D
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Jump to new posts Re: Record high and long auto loans.......... by ragtopdodge @ 06/21/18 05:18 PM

We will have soon: 50-year mortgages 10-year car payments .5% minimum payments on CC's. ANd interest rates are going to get higher and higher as people default more and more on these loans. Not to mention, the national debt will reach $40 TRILLIO
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Jump to new posts Re: What adhesive to use? by 5carguy @ 06/21/18 05:14 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Putting a deposit on a car? by ragtopdodge @ 06/21/18 04:54 PM

Use paypal for deposits. YOu have some kind of recourse if something goes awry. However, deposits aren't binding, so seller could easily just sell it out under you for more money or someone closer. If this is a private party, you may be better off
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Jump to new posts Re: Caltracs and split mono leaf install by 73cuda340 @ 06/21/18 04:52 PM

I called calvert and they said that it is normal; 1/16" side gap as posted earlier. The bolt in the picture is the same length as the factory bolt. I just grabbed some bolts that are 1/2" longer to replace those.
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Jump to new posts Re: Rick's G3 Project by MattW @ 06/21/18 04:48 PM

I'm Interested in the room you will have to complete the headers. I have W9 436 cid that I will be doing the same. Keep the photos coming. Matt
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Jump to new posts Re: ac hoses redone by RJS @ 06/21/18 04:29 PM

Originally Posted By DynoDaveOriginally Posted By RJSAlso the markings they don't reproduce so take pictures of your stuff if you want to make stencils for later. Ron Ron, did you make a stencil for yours? That or a stamp is something I'd like to s
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I use a similar tactic when traveling. I google some regional favorite (i.e. in Baltimore "crab cakes") then get a list of 3 or 5 and yelp them. Never fails when I'm travelling. Seldom does any franchised name pop up. I do know that here in
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Jump to new posts 1973 challenger forsale by MoparRocky7 @ 06/21/18 03:42 PM

decided to list my 73 rallye challenger originally a 318 but upgraded to 70 340. has 323 sure grip original. automatic. has original ac does not work but I left all the components intact has some rust spots here and there been like that for awhile bo
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Jump to new posts Re: Bottom Bulb Shootout by kissmyaspen @ 06/21/18 03:40 PM

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One up on the '71 I found in Tennessee. This one has a/c. If I had someplace to keep it I would probably have one. Tim
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Jump to new posts 2000 Dodge 2500 trailer connector hook up by bigdad @ 06/21/18 02:56 PM

Anyone use one of these and if so, results ?
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Jump to new posts Re: NIAGARA FALLS ! by Sunroofcuda @ 06/21/18 02:56 PM

Originally Posted By kwhmopar1He said his friend's grandmother was dating Moe This was probably back in the 19-teens when they were dating.
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Does the law state that XXX% of the original vehicle must be retained? Like the infamous firewall/cowl Hemi Cuda convertible from Canada. WOuld it be a re-body if the orignal cowl and firewall was retained, but nothing else (roof, floor, frame rai
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Jump to new posts Re: How to achieve my build goals for handling? by Mopar Mitch @ 06/21/18 02:32 PM

I agree to all the above whereby leaning towards bolt-in items are far more proven and less costly. The coil-spring conversions (front and/or rear).. leave them for the guys who want to be different..and spend lots of unneccessary expenses and waste
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Picking up a new project can be a lot like forensic science. Not only are you trying to assess the current status of the car itself, but you’re also having to evaluate decades’ worth of previous owner’s maintenance, modifications and and si
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Jump to new posts Longest stock 1 piece drive shaft? by mgoblue9798 @ 06/21/18 02:16 PM

I have a club cab long bed with short tailshaft trans and carrier bearing. I am converting to 518 and would like to know if anyone has done this and scored a used driveshaft long enough to make this work. Any idea what the longest one piece shaft in
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Jump to new posts Re: WIW - original six pack intake/carbs by 64Bel @ 06/21/18 02:11 PM

Originally Posted By 70sixpkRTDoes it have any numbers on top of the heat crossover on the drivers side? No.
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