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TRADE: 1 pair [right & left] 1937-38 Plymouth tail light Housing to Fender Gaskets. These are Reproductions, but i don't know from who. I bought these back around 1980 or so when i owned a 1938 Plymouth coupe. These should fit sedans i "thin
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Jump to new posts Re: A different kind of Charger build by wingman @ Yesterday at 10:34 AM

Wow. That is amazing. His other models are amazing as well. If I'm ever in town I'm going. I loved it when he said that when they bring children's groups in the first thing they have to do is show them what a matchstick is...
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Jump to new posts Re: Moparts Secret Santa what did you get?? by feets @ Yesterday at 10:24 AM

Good to see you made it home to get your loot!
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Jump to new posts Comeback ‘Cuda Rear Housing & Suspension Restoration by Rustymuscle @ Yesterday at 10:16 AM

Our last article on the Comeback ‘Cuda covered the restoration of the front suspension. Now we turn our attention to the rear suspension. All 4-speed Hemi ‘Cuda’ convertibles came with a 9.75 Dana 60 rear end and heavy duty (HD) springs. Up
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 Back - B Body - Parts Wanted - 1st Quarter by 69Chrgr @ Yesterday at 10:08 AM

Looking for A/C suction line From Firewall to Compressor for 69 B Body Big Block. You can pm me or email me Thanks Duane
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Jump to new posts Re: Mopar 3462150 fan blade ID? by mopars4ever @ Yesterday at 09:25 AM

thank you
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Jump to new posts Re: N.o.s or 4.10 gears? by dthemi @ Yesterday at 09:23 AM

One thing I really like about spray. On stock motors 100 is great, 150 is better, 200 is amazing, 250 over the moon fun,,,then,,,O no... Then you commit to better parts, because once you feel that you're never going back. Then there's another race
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Jump to new posts Re: Left side muffler bracket -'70 Challenger Welded or bolted? by challenger70 @ Yesterday at 09:04 AM

Are there known issues with these manuals? To be clear it did help me identify the correct mounting for the exhaust. They are pricey, but I figured the amout of time I spend trying to figure out the correct hardware and what not they would pay off
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Jump to new posts Re: “Most Reliable” GM TV ad basis is pretty iffy by moparx @ Yesterday at 09:00 AM

i have been accused a time or two of being an "actor". no pay either !
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Jump to new posts Re: Poly / Hemi Build by Mike P @ Yesterday at 08:34 AM

".........For some reason, I assumed that the Chrysler Hemi/Poly had the same factory compression rating as the Dodge......."
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Jump to new posts Re: Who's paying 125.00 for this? by rocksmopar @ Yesterday at 08:25 AM

It looks like it was in a house fire
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Jump to new posts Re: Opinions on B&M and Hughes torque converters? by STROKIE @ Yesterday at 07:48 AM

Originally Posted By Fab64Thanks for the input, guys. I'm using a cam from Bob Karakashian (Mr Six Pack), and 2300-2600 was the stall range he recommended. I want it to drive more like a stock '70-71 car, and be more streetable. I really didn't li
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Jump to new posts Re: Sweptline parts trucks 2 1/4 ) Lincoln , Neb $2500 by bbtrux @ Yesterday at 07:34 AM

Ive got a real nice 71, except front of hood. Both these trucks look like theyre rusting there too, though.Could easily fix mine, but the trucks clean enough to deserve a nice clean one.
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Jump to new posts 2005 PT Cruiser Limited Turbo by Paul G @ Yesterday at 07:10 AM

2005 PT Cruiser Limited Very dependable vehicle Blue/Gray Woody 2.4L Turbo Automatic Sunroof, 136,000 miles - Runs Great, Exterior has some minor dings and the paint on the roof has started to fade. Interior is nice condition with no rips/tears.
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Saw a set of 8 .030 pistons once, all stamped .030 on top of piston. THREE were STANDARD SIZE!!! Machine shop that sold them and bored the engine missed them. "Experienced" mechanic that assembled the engine missed them. (machine shop took
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Jump to new posts Re: file this under "what in tarnation" Hemi Daytona Mustang?? by Spaceman Spiff @ Yesterday at 05:28 AM

Originally Posted By SupercudaNobody went and read his story? Yeah he cut the crap out of a low mileage wing car to make his Stang. What a butt. I read his story... please point out where he says he cut the crap out of a low mileage Dayton
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Jump to new posts Re: 1969 Charger 500 grill mounting kit? by DAYCLONA @ Yesterday at 05:20 AM

Only one person that I know of that offers any replacement parts, me... contact me here on Moparts PM or for more info/prices Mike
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Jump to new posts Re: Green 70 Cuda mid 8's in the 1/4 in BC by Pale_Roader @ Yesterday at 03:31 AM

Well with that kind ov power it had better be running mid-8's...
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Jump to new posts Re: Anyone have their 8 track tapes reburbished? by RamblerMan @ Yesterday at 01:48 AM

Originally Posted By DUFFMANThis is a fascinating post. I have 3 working home players and one car player, all purchased from Goodwill for peanuts. However, I only have a handful of working tapes. Maybe 6? Finding working tapes seems to be the more c
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Jump to new posts Re: G's Mopar build thread (hemi, gerst, '69 Charger) by Cab_Burge @ Yesterday at 01:42 AM

Do the hard side first and then enjoy the easy side
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Jump to new posts Re: The Bumper Shop on Florence Avenue in Los Angeles? by Cab_Burge @ Yesterday at 01:22 AM

I had both of my bumpers from my 1966 Dodge Coronet Deluxe straighten and rechromed by a shop up in Lancaster, CA. I can't remember the name right now, maybe it will come to me later They have a route along Highway #5 from down their all the way u
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Jump to new posts Re: 67 Charger - 383 - WIW by dodgedon @ Yesterday at 01:18 AM

mine originally had a column shift and the buddy seat.
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Looking for a 6.4 block. Pref. 2012, but 2013+ would be fine too. Let me know if you got one for me!
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Jump to new posts Re: 70 Coronet wagon by Twostick @ Yesterday at 12:29 AM

Originally Posted By mopars_1Everyone says wagons are hot, but im having a tough time selling mine! Preferred if tbey left this one more original.. Lol Everybody wants one, nobody wants to pay for one... Kevin
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Jump to new posts Re: SB LA aluminum rockers by Wookie316 @ 01/17/19 11:42 PM

Comp 829-16 roller lifters. Pm me with what you have. Thanks.
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