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#2604934 - 01/11/19 11:01 AM Choosing Hughes Cam for 5.9 Magnum
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I'm building a stock short-block '95 5.9, using EQ Hughes-prepped 2.02 heads and an Edelbrock Air Gap intake, headers, Sniper EFI.

Car is a '71 Swinger, 3:55 gears, automatic, factory A/C. Mostly street use with an occasional trip to the track. 93 Octane if needed, but pump gas.

Anyone have experience with any particular Hughes grinds for this application?

#2604955 - 01/11/19 11:40 AM Re: Choosing Hughes Cam for 5.9 Magnum [Re: 300by500]
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I run the HUG SER3034ALN-10 in my 406 w/2500 converter, same heads, gears and intake. In this setup, Steamroller is no joke. On the 360 though, might need more converter or less cam to be happy. I have so much low end, pondering going back to a 3.23.

I've participated in a couple of EFI conversions (not my car) and I personally would go single plane with the Sniper setup. Especially if you run a cam close to the above. In my experience, TBI conversions (one Fi Tech and one early Sniper) don't work as well as they could with tighter LSA's and dual planes. I'm at 5K' though, so mid-South may be a different story.

With 2 different 5.9 Crate engines, one single and one dual plane, the single plane didn't get a good enough signal to the carb to run well in thin air and the Fi Tech woke it right up. The dual plane was awesome with a 750DP chokeless, but it took quite a while for the self learn on the Sniper to get halfway decent drivability, and a dyno tune didn't improve it much. Victor JR single plane swap and the awsomeness was undeniable.

Give Hughes a shout and talk through cams with them. They have not steered me wrong and have even left my money on the table talking me down from overkill stuff I didn't need for my bottom end. Tim is the guy who helped me put my combo together.

Be honest with yourself about what the engine's duty cycle will really be and take their advice for max happiness.

What valve gear are you running? If stock, your cam selection will be limited to under .480 or .500 lift.

I'm running their PRW based setup with guide plates. Works great for my combo. Car likes to shift 1-2 at ~6.2K and 2-3 @ ~6.5K. That said, I don't like the best wipe pattern I can get with the guideplates and I hypothesize they give up some loooog term durability with wonky side loading of the valves and guides. I've pondered playing with adjustable guide plates to get it better, but am having more fun dialing in the rest of the car than fretting side loading.

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#2604969 - 01/11/19 12:02 PM Re: Choosing Hughes Cam for 5.9 Magnum [Re: 300by500]
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When I design a combination and pick cams, I simply use some good engine software. If you call a cam company they will do the same thing. I use Performance trends, it is reasonable in cost and has never been wrong on predictions when I put the engine on a real dyno. Not only will it give you HP and torque it will give you cranking compression, idle vacuum, timing curve for what ever octane fuel you input, cranking compression, and the list goes on. And of course it is like any other program you have to input good numbers.


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