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#2277751 - 03/28/17 01:20 PM Hemi Fred pass away?
hotairballoonpilot Offline

Registered: 01/20/03
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Loc: South Dakota
Just seen on facebook a donald hunt tagged fred in a post he passed away like 20 minutes ago?
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#2277768 - 03/28/17 01:45 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
abodyjoe Offline
I Live Here

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a friend just text me saying he passed today...

lots of people saying RIP on his FB page too..
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#2277771 - 03/28/17 01:51 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
Happy Birthday an8sec70cuda Online   content
I Live Here

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Very sad...Fred was a good guy. He helped me out a time or two and I never even met the man. Didn't he have some heart problems?
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#2277780 - 03/28/17 02:04 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
feets Online   tonguue
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Goodbye Fred.

Thanks for everything.

#2277785 - 03/28/17 02:09 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
justinp61 Offline

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I hate to read this. Fred is one of a few guys on this board I would've liked to sit down and listen to his stories over some cold beverages.

The front brakes on my Dart came from Fred, he bought them for his S&M Duster but they wouldn't work because of something S&M had done to the spindles.

Gods speed Fred.

#2277786 - 03/28/17 02:12 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
dustergirl340 Online   content
Chicken Little

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Aw, that's too bad. My husband and I met him in Indianapolis at Monster Mopar a few years ago.

#2277795 - 03/28/17 02:19 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
slantzilla Offline
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Godspeed Fred.
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#2277802 - 03/28/17 02:35 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
super stock

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Was at Atco when he crashed the Duster, was unbelievable. Back in the pits people were crowding around to see what happened. He was probably shaken up pretty good but he seemed to be laughing it off. I didn't know him really but he seemed like a really cool cat. RIP.

Way too many of these posts lately.
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#2277811 - 03/28/17 02:52 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
TheHemi Offline
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RIP Hemi Fred

I never met him in person, but had fun working with him a few website projects over the years. As you all indicate, he could always tell you a great story or offer invaluable advice.

#2277819 - 03/28/17 03:03 PM Hemi Fred
Dartari Offline

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I just saw on Facebook that Hemi Fred has passed away RIP ๐Ÿ˜ž

#2277821 - 03/28/17 03:04 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
stumpy Offline

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We keep loosing the good ones. Very sad.

#2277823 - 03/28/17 03:05 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
OzHemi Offline
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Hemi 265's the six to have !

Penguins haunt me.

#2277829 - 03/28/17 03:11 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
HogRidinFool Offline

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Fred and his wife paid us a visit at the Mopar Booth in Carlisle. I heard of him, but never met. It was as hot as could be and they were wondering if we could help us get him to his motorhome parked up front. He was struggling, so we loaded he and his wife up in the golf cart and took him to his motorhome. Nice people and very grateful for the help. RIP sir.
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#2277834 - 03/28/17 03:19 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
BloFish Offline

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R.I.P Fred๐Ÿ˜‡
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#2277837 - 03/28/17 03:25 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
flypaper Offline
I hate Texas

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RIP angel

#2277838 - 03/28/17 03:25 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
Eric Offline

Registered: 07/10/10
Posts: 2280
Loc: Pittsburgh PA
Always enjoyed chatting with Fred. We lost another long time member. RIP HemiFred.
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#2277839 - 03/28/17 03:26 PM Re: Hemi Fred [Re: Dartari]
JohnRR Offline
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Same here, posted a couple hours ago.

RIP my friend ... angel

For those on Facebook

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running up my post count some more .

#2277842 - 03/28/17 03:27 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: hotairballoonpilot]
moparts Offline

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Yes RIP Fred and you will be missed.

Ran into you many times over the years, Spent a lot of time under the Moparts Tent entertaining us with your stories from back in the day grin

First at E Town , then after you bought the Hemi Dave's Duster

Again at Maple Grove show

And last saw you at Carlisle when you were set up in the swap area selling lots of Hemi Parts.

Tom ,

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#2277844 - 03/28/17 03:29 PM Re: Hemi Fred pass away? [Re: Eric]
theraif Offline

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#2277845 - 03/28/17 03:29 PM Re: Hemi Fred [Re: JohnRR]
pittsburghracer Online   content

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RIP Fred. Very sorry to hear this.
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