Considering doing a minor drop/level to my recent purchase.
Kit number is 94002, but any feedback on their products would be welcome.
This is an upright drop in front and an axle flip in the rear with a longer shackle (2/4.5" drop). I'm hoping it will have little to no adverse affects to ride and handling, since the spring rates are the same and the only change in mounting is at the rear of the rear spring.
Uses are normal mild street driving, occasional filled bed and occasional towing of the open car trailer. No racing (drag/autocross/drifting), very limited hard driving and long distance drives.

I've read on various forums that this "mild" drop will have no tire rubbing issues and most report that the ride is still reasonable. However, many of those guys are doing more "rad" drops and air ride, and seem to feel that any ride degradation is worth it for the looks.
I just want it a bit lower and level, and keep the ride and handling as-is. I realize that lower center of gravity will help handling, so the main concern is the ride not getting worse. Front shocks will remain the same, the rears will be longer (due to the spring and shock mount sitting lower in the chassis - longer hanger). The kit includes shock extenders that most feel are flimsy and replace with longer shocks. They are the 2 parts in the top right of the picture.
The only other concern I've seen mentioned (rarely) is a lack of steering stops.

Here is the kit
[Linked Image]

and here is a typical stock height
[Linked Image]

and a typical 2/4 drop
[Linked Image]

Stock front suspension - nothing changes except the position of the spindle in the upright and the drop uprights are a little bit wider.
[Linked Image]