I see in B body parts F/S QuickBpBp has a pair of T/S indicator lamp pkgs.F/S well that got my curiosity going so I checked my 71 & 72 parts catalogs to verify the part#,71 cat.gives #3479378 for the lamp pkg.& 72 cat.#3587504 which is the ones Quick has,I dont know if there's any real difference between the part#s or just a # change,the catalogs only show one part# for fender or hood mounted indicators, I always thought there where 2 different part#s depending on wire length weather fender or hood mounted & a protective covering on the wires for fender mounted ones, Quicks lamps have the protective cardboard type covering on the wires.
Anyone have anymore information regarding the fender/hood T/S indicators weather there was/is a difference between the two part#s or fender vs hood mounted ones.