kinda splurged a little this morning. i tried to clean up the valve cover but there is so much crap baked onto the inside and i couldnt get it all out of there and i didnt want to chance any of it getting into the new motor so here we go

Fabricated Small Block Mopar Aluminum Valve Covers

These are a fully TIG welded aluminum cover. Thick 1/4" billet rail. 1 1/4" baffled breather holes. 3.5" tall. Includes bolts.

in between the coats of herculiner i put on the floor boards of my XJ i painted the engine with high heat 500 degree paint. i prefer the color of grey just because it is easier to see any leaks that arise.

so after we put the interior back into the XJ, i cut out my first piece with my plasma cutter

but i didnt make some of my corners right and i cought my hose on my clamp and took a bigger slice out of one spot, plus i decided i wanted the diamond tread on the inside of the engine bay so i cut a ew piece. it turned out alot better, here it is fitting in place.

half way welded in and with the two holes drilled in it for the hose fittings for the new heater

fully welded, then after this picture i finished welding the old mounting holes but dont have a pic of that yet.