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I would say it is overcharged and burnt the clutch. Is it 134 or r-12 freon? There is a break in procedure for those, switch on off 10 times when it is a new clutch, I think that is a joke, a way out of warranties for the reman companies. In the 80s clutches were smoking all the time, that was their way out of warranties, what was actually happening on some mopars is the a/c switch could not pass enough current to hold the clutch reliably and they would smoke it. It could also be the coil behind the pulley is weak. When you change your clutch install a jumper wire straight to the battery and run it that way until charged and cooling, then try the original wiring, if it squeeks on the original you know your dash switch is bad. Anyway some cars were real bad about it, a 20 amp dual pole toggle switch, a fuse and some wire is your friend, I don't trust 50 year old dash switches if the clutch is smoking.

Or do something like this...

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