Maybe 10 years ago I was driving along in my '94 Ram 1500 4x4 when this yahoo in some random, normal car starts tailgating me, like up under my bumper. Really? So I realize this guy can see nothing but the pumpkin of my rear axle. We are coming down a steep hill that had a super abrupt set of railroad tracks at the bottom. I sped up and this guy stayed tight to my back bumper . So I sped up more...way faster than I would normally cross these tracks. I raised my azz up off the seat and braced myself. I knew the Ram could take the hit...I banged across those tracks and launched the Ram, the whole time watching my rearview mirror. I can still recall two things: the 30', heavy tow chain in my bed suspended in mid air and the crash landing of the ChevFordToyaHondaru behind me as it wobbled around and made its way to the berm and came to a stop. Ah, good times.
For those of you familiar with Heath, Ohio this was on Irving Wick Dr.