What do you guys find so wrong with wanting to build a car that will cruise at a more comfortable rpm on the highway and get a few more MPG? I know a lot of you guys don't really drive your cars but some of us do. What if I told you I'm setting my car up so I can take it on a road trip across the country. Suddenly 2000rpm on the highway and a couple more mpg doesn't sound so bad. You don't want an overdrive, don't but one. Simple as that. I don't understand what there is to over.

i agree with you 100% i just think it is funny how some people justify investment decisions. the saving gas part just cracks me up. classic cars are discretionary investments. if we were so worried about saving money we would all be in econo-boxes!

rather than saying i want to save gas $, why cant one just say, " i am car guy and have no control over spending money on shiny car parts! and i want it because its frickin' cool"

that to me would be a much better justification.