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#2512229 - 06/23/18 02:09 PM interior paint
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hello All,

New to the forum, need help to find interior paint, for my 67 Cuda?
can someone please help me find the right paint code and where to buy the paint for my car. I am sure I'm leaving some info out. I have the fender tag interior is a dark blue just trying to find the correct color paint.

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#2512280 - 06/23/18 05:24 PM Re: interior paint [Re: 67fastfish]
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Welcome to the board.
I don't have charts for '67, only '63, '68 & '69. Some years they changed interior codes, sometimes they carried over, and some color codes like black tended to span several years.
Another thing is that there are usually 4-5 different codes for the different surfaces; if your car is original, you can see the variations.
Unless someone can post their '67 info, I'd suggest you shop Ebay for 1967 Plymouth color charts, and make sure the Seller's charts also have the interior info, as some charts don't. Typically DuPont charts are the most complete. Their library is also pretty good for comparing the old #s to their current products.
Look around your area for automotive paint suppliers, or ask a local quality body shop who they're buying from.

#2512287 - 06/23/18 05:57 PM Re: interior paint [Re: 67fastfish]
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Get yourself a 67 Plymouth factory Service manual for both chassis and body, they are readily available and will list all paint codes and what components they were used on.
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#2512308 - 06/23/18 06:50 PM Re: interior paint [Re: T2R9]
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I see on the net color chart but not sure if they are for the interior? color code ee1 103040 looks right on what I need just don't know if its correct don't want to go to a supplier and buy the wrong paint also for the dash frame it seems different has textured to it if some ones been through an interior restoration could use some help getting the right products the first time around any help is much apprecated

#2512320 - 06/23/18 07:32 PM Re: interior paint [Re: 67fastfish]
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E1 is exterior dark blue metallic, so you're looking at an exterior chart.
EE1 was the designation used for top & main color, meaning both the same; that's what you'll see on the fender tag, so it's become kind of an alternate code.
The dash, steering column, and upper windshield garnis was textured, aka "suede" finish lacquer. The plastic defroster duct outlet grilles will more or less match but weren't suede.
That's why I recommended you ask the seller if his chart also lists interior codes; please re-read my reply above. Interior colors are almost always different codes than exterior, except for some UDF (upper door frame) colors.

#2512323 - 06/23/18 08:01 PM Re: interior paint [Re: topside]
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topside thanks for the info.

Hopefully some other members will have the code I am looking for.

#2512451 - 06/24/18 01:58 AM Re: interior paint [Re: 67fastfish]
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Below is a copy of a 1969 Barracuda (not 1967) factory service manual, chapter 23, Paint Charts, to give you an idea of the information you need and how it is organized. See a 1967 FSM for your correct colors.


Used On: Integral Door Upper and Lower Garnish.
2 Door Hardtop Quarter Panel Lower Garnish.

Black Velvet, Chrysler Code AY 1TX9, Ditzler Code 9000
Bright Blue Metallic, AY2EB5, 2019
Light Bronze Metallic, AY2ET3, 2030
Dark Green Metallic, AY2EF8, 43786
Bright Red, AYlER6, 2029

Used On: 2 Door Hardtop Quarter Panel Upper Garnish Moulding.
Fastback Headlining Retainer Moulding.
Lower Wheelhouse Moulding. Rear Quarter Moulding.
Convertible Header and Defogger Intake Bezel.

Jewel Black, Chrysler Code ABlTX9, Ditzler Code 9000
Thunder Blue Metallic, AB2EB5, 13693
Golden Tan Metallic, AY2ET3, 23086
Bayou Green Metallic, AB2EF8, 43926
Rally Red, ABlER6, 71685

Jewel Black, AB5TX9 9028 Console Only
Jewel Black (Semi-Gloss), AB3TX9 9293 Optional for Front Seat Manual Adjuster
Majesty Blue, AB5EB9 13686 Console Only
Buckskin Tan, AB5ET8 23061 Console Only
Bayou Green Metallic, AB6EF8 43929 Console Only
Rally Red, AB5ER6 71687 Console Only

Used On: Instrument Panel. Glove Box Door. Ash Receiver and Steering Column Assembly.
Jewel Black AC38VX9 9324
Baltic Blue Metallic AC39EB7 13705
Sienna Tan AC38ET8 23076
Bayou Green Metallic AC39EF8 43925
Regatta Red AC38ER8 71688
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