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#2460612 - 03/03/18 06:13 PM Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results
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Just wondering what shocks others are using with their Caltrac & mono-leaf setups and to what degree of the success you have had. Also any other info you think would be valuable to others.

Mine below:
3800lbs B-Body
1.55 60FT
10.98 1/4
Strange single adj. Front 4 clicks out of 18 (loose)
Calvert 9-way adj. Rear 7 clicks out of 9 (tight)
M/T ET Street Drag Radial
Caltrac set on lower hole and 0 pre-load

#2460677 - 03/03/18 09:34 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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Rancho's 1.29
Santuff 1.12

#2460695 - 03/03/18 10:27 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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I have the caltrak setup and started with the Rancho 5 way adjustable.They did not work that well for me so after a few years I was looking at better shocks
and liked the way Vi-King took the the time to make the sale and I bought all 4.I can tell you that I am hooking now.The only adjustment I make was one adjustment on the cal trak when the car started going right.That turned out to be broken spring perch when on the next pass the car went right,,,,,,,right onto the marbles.
After that I tightened the Vikings one time.I have been so busy getting the 2 carbs right that if it hooked and went straight I have NOT tuned the rear.
Best 60 so far is a 1.42 with a 6.0 1/8 @ 117 and finished with a 9.3 @ 147.75.
1963 b body now at 3700 with me in it.Buy the best shocks you can afford!

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HEMI-ITIS has no cure. My condition is fully BLOWN!!!

New best 60ft,, 1.42,1/8, 6.0 @117,, 9.38 @146.75 with 6 lbs boost @3700 lbs

#2463067 - 03/08/18 10:30 AM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: hemi-itis]
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3800+ lb. E body w/ 800+ hp hemi (all motor)
295-65 drag radial, footbraking
Cal-Tracs in bottom hole, 1/4 turn preload both sides.
Rancho 9 ways on rear set on 9.
Old Lakewood 90/10 shocks up front.
1.320 sixty foot best running mid 9s at 140 mph.

Tried the Calvert 90/10 front shocks for a while. Way looser than the old Lakewoods. Car refused to hook...lifted too fast and unloaded the rear. Put the Lakewoods back on and instantly hooked again.

When I added nitrous I went to the D/A Viking shocks. Much better, but still tuning them.


'70 hemicuda...8.91 at 150.5 mph street car...Mopar Action feature Dec. '14
'69 road runner 440 w/ Indy SRs
'69 road runner 440-6, 4 speed...Dad's ride
'71 Demon 340 resto project
'06 GMC 2500HD LBZ Duramax...toy hauler
'16 Grand Caravan hauler

#2463144 - 03/08/18 01:01 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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Just curious, how does lifting too fast unload the rear?

#2463189 - 03/08/18 02:30 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: ScottSmith_Harms]
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[quote=ScottSmith_Harms]Just curious, how does lifting too fast unload the rear? [/quote

Either it hits the front travel limiters too hard or hits the wheelie bars too hard. Either or both will unload the rear tire.
Just because you think it won't make it true. Horsepower is KING. To dispute this is stupid. C. Alston

#2463225 - 03/08/18 03:22 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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The car comes up so fast it lifts the wheels and drops just as fast and unloads the rear tires. Porpoising

#2463298 - 03/08/18 05:09 PM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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AFCO DA front and rears with Big Gun valving here. Planning to have Menscer revalve them for 2018 in hopes of making the car launch more consistent.

3160lb A Body
605HP / 590TQ
4:10 rear gear
Low gear 904
1.41 60FT
10.18 @ 131 1/4
Hoosier 275/60 Drag Radials
Caltracs in lower hole

72 Duster - 408ci W2, 10.18@131, 6.31@110.

#2463591 - 03/09/18 06:36 AM Re: Caltracs/Mono-Leafs - Shock combo and results [Re: Nitrofish]
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We've been 1.34 @ over 3950lb with AFCO D/A's all round. We used to have the Rancho 9 ways (Rear) and comp engineering 3 ways (Front) combo. Car would sometimes wheelie and we'd lose around .1 off the ET, not good when you're bracket racing blush . We also tried the Calvert front shocks and like Chip found, we also thought them too loose for a heavy car. Sold them to a guy who put them on a much lighter A body (Duster IIRC), they had better results.
We've also had the AFCO's re-valved by Menscer as we basically ran out of adjustment on the rear extension damping. This was done on front and rears. We've only done 6 passes since and now we're chasing a bog on the tunnel ram, we were getting there but we ran out of race season smile . Data shows the car is a lot more consistent with the D/A shocks.
HTH's up
'74 Challenger..9.46 and 145.9 so far, easy pass. 4000lb!!!# N/A, 655ci, Indy Maxx, T/R, Indy 600-13 X's, Street legal, pump gas, full interior, Cal-Tracs, mufflers, 4:10's and 10.5s. Marsh Performance pump gas 655ci.
RHD '68 Barracuda Fastback 323ci street/strip. Best ET 14.21@88.5 Best Mph 98.5


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