I am running a Holley HP 125 pump on my 440 six pack and had a bout of vapor lock last summer so I want to address this before the Spring comes.

Even though Holley doesn't recommend using a regulator for this pump, I am running one anyway as I had it for my prior pump and getting 6PSI to the carbs verified with a few different gauges.

I want to run a return line to the tank. My sending unit has the 1/4 nipple, I just have it capped currently. I understand that they have a bypass type regulator that can be used for the return line but do I even need to go this route? Can I simply plumb it like a stock vapor line (like the Mopar filter with the 1/4 nipple on it). I was thinking of running it off of the back of my six pack fuel rail? Will this screw up my pressure to the carbs?

Has anyone done this?