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#2436618 - 01/17/18 08:22 PM LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI
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All my cars are powered by pre - 1980 SB & BB. Looking at 3 Gem Hemi. Are there years that I need to avoid whether it is a motor or a running Charger/Challenger. Looking to build a 600+ Hp street car with mild manners.

#2436635 - 01/17/18 08:55 PM Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI [Re: A/MP]
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Time to put together a FAQ for these engines and make it a sticky or a dedicated page of its own.

#2436682 - 01/17/18 11:04 PM Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI [Re: A/MP]
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#2436728 - 01/18/18 02:45 AM Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI [Re: A/MP]
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Keep this in mind
Starting fresh with nothing you will probably have 12k into it all said and done
It's a close number So give or take a bit

That being said. You can buy a hellcat long block swap crate motor thingy
For 1;k delivered. It's a stout piece. Will easily support 1300
Rwhp also.

You also have a factory crate 392. Rated at 485
But it can be easily modified to support your 550-600 hp desire
I think there 9k

Add in the cost of the mopar engine controller at about 1700
Add in that cost with either crate motor and your set

Others sell long blocks cheaper. But remember. Small things like bolts
For the front timing cover can be a bear to find

With the crate motors you might need to swap the oil pan
And add a set of headers. Motor mounts
Along with an alternator and ac
If you want to run that

Transmission choice is up to you. I run a Hemi four speed
Behind mine. Any small block 727 will work
Nag1 too. But trans tunnel will need to be cut
The a518 will work but at your power level a 545rfe
Will not last a day

Dip stick I use is a wk1 jeep piece
Built for the Jeep Grand Cherokee
2006-2007 model. Tried the lokar
Piece bits horrible

If you decide to run a carb versus the injection you should get the ocp
Intake. Best of all worlds. Unless you can find the CASCAR
Single plane

There is a lot more information. But this should get the interest rolling
if You Like Gremlinsteve. Gremlinsteve Likes You.

#2436746 - 01/18/18 06:55 AM Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI [Re: 72Swinger]
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it's worth reading the 10 pages.
some good info in this thread also.
Also some good reading

I've found for NA build the pre Eagle(03-08) blocks with Eagle heads(09-current) works the best.

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#2436825 - 01/18/18 10:39 AM Re: LOOKING AT 3 GEN HEMI [Re: ric3xrt]
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I've found for NA build the pre Eagle(03-08) blocks with Eagle heads(09-current) works the best.


Do the early intakes fit the later Eagle head bolt patterns? Thinking in terms of a carburetor intake.


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