I know this could be more on the parts wanted section, but I think on post here more toward to find ppl with machine guys relationship and get help trying to hunt for JUST ONE PISTON

I got my KB215 5th cylinder piston skirt broken by a local machine shop. they keep saying it was like that ( but I dissasembled the engine and there is not a skirt section on the oil pan ). The deal is, whoever is guilty, still which to get a piston replacement.

whats the problem? KB is not making anymore with the old valve pocket non symetric design, but symetric now. JUST BY PERSONAL PREFERENCE, I'd like to keep my set all matched on that.

So, if you have some friend or contact on machine shops, MAYBE somebody in USA still could get one KB215+20 replacement piston to 5th cylinder ( left exhaust ) from them. DON'T CARE IF USED!!! DON'T CARE THE WEIGHT... it can be easilly matched locally with the rest

KB251 also works!!! the diff is just the quench step height and will need to be cut anyway ( as far is still higher than 0.095" if was already cut )

who of you guys got machine guy friends able to locate one piston like the one I'm needing ?