Nothing new but how effing irritating when all the special molded rubber elbows and junction blocks are dry rotted and crumble apart. Of course you cant buy them except as the assembly in most cases and good luck with that. Parts catalog listings are sparse at best when trying to figure out what you need and all the part number tags have long since faded or fallen off. Chrysler discontinues stuff a month after its no longer in production it seems anymore. Last week the truck threw an evap emissions fault. Traced it all down to the rubber elbow on the top of the charcoal cannister was rotted and one of the hard lines had popped out and flapping in the breeze. A new section of harness was $100 to get the new elbow, if I could believe the picture drawing.

So I did the next best thing, at work I do cnc programming for a pair of CNC routers we use for sheet metal cutting and some very basic 3D milling for stuff up to 1.5" tall so I made an elbow with an integrated hose barb to somewhat replicate the rotten piece. Still a rig job but atleast not some crappy dorman garbage that will crack and fail in 5 weeks.

If someone out there wanted to make quality (not dorman china garbage) molded rubber elbows and hoses in some of the more generic configurations that were actually usable without being a total kludge job of crap... and figure out how to market them. I'd buy them now.

Makes me kinda angry and really irritated having to piece stuff together using garbage parts that will all be cracked and leaking in 6 months. OEM vacuum hoses and fittings seem to last years before they finally fail. Who makes oem vacuum stuff ? the ribbed hose in particular. My 79 Van (RIP) still had original stuff on it when it came to an end last year.