Thanks for all the input. Its in a 318 block a .040 over for a 392 and I had all the parts other then the machine work and balance. Ive noticed parts the last few months have gone up and some dried up and ive always wondered about a small bore/light bob weight build. So why not do it now. Looks like I will use the victor and I think my 3500 on the vert might be a little low of a prediction but it looks like this cam might be done under 6500 or so.

I considered the air gap and if this was a driver but it will get flogged like everything else, and I have the victor here but as much as I want to tell myself the air gap isnt a good intake the facts tell me in wrong.

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4" arm, use the victor

Why a 4 inch stroke? My sons 3250 pound duster runs 10.20-10.30’s with a stock 360 crank na with one