For the non cosmetic surfaces and most of the non interior metal bolt on piece parts for the car I am working on. I am looking for options and first account feed back on what works and does not work for refinishing options. No more rattle can 1k bs.

I am not going to concours level over done detail here. More of an 'OE fresh' appearance that will provide a high level of protection for something that I intend to drive eventually as a part time daily commuter.

Given the constraints I have to work with. Mostly very limited space and time that will be erratic for when I can do things I would like a product/system that is realistic in its user friendliness.

A product that requires perfect 72 degree temp control, 48% humidity, no chance of rain for the next 5 days, in a sterile room setting and a full moon on a clear night the day prior to spraying or it wont work.. is not something I want to use.

Absolute long term durability in the real world "drive it daily, its going to get wet and dirty" is the number 1 priority.

I am more than ready to spend the money on a good system to a degree. Going back to the constraint on space and time most of the work will be done in batches. I understand there will always be some wasted product, but something that costs $1k/gallon and its not all going to be mixed and applied all at the same time... not so much.

suggestions! smile