More pics please!

By the way, another place you might find interesting if you come back to this area is Meadowbrook Hall in Rochester, Michigan. It was built by the widow of John Dodge and her second husband.


Now, that's funny right there, I don't care who you are! Kneeling over the Greater Detroit area map and looking...let's see..he went to see the Yamasaki Chrysler HQ...then Auburn Hills...where would he go next? Yes, there is no other possibility, it must be Meadowbrook Hall!!

I was looking forward to seeing some of the magnificent homes that people in the auto industry built all over the Detroit area, had stacked info on them but unfortunately Meadowbrook Hall was the only one I managed to see. It is unbelievable...once again, the grounds themselves are so big that it is hard to comprehend....and the house is a work of art! The clock was ticking so I could not do the inside tour but I did see a little bit and I have no words. This is a must see if in Detroit! And please read some of the Dodge Brothers history, they were bigger than Henry Ford!

Yeah, this is where I usually hang out when in Detroit