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#2408566 - 11/25/17 02:19 AM 70 Cuda Grille and Grille Molding Options
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Can anyone provide me with the skinny on current reproduction options for 70 Cuda grilles and grille molding?

I see that Mopar Performance is now selling a complete and painted grille (Part # 77R06149). Is this the same grille that Mike Ross of BEA used to sell? Is the level of quality and detail the same?

What about the unpainted grilles with headlamp bezels and trim that everyone is selling for around $500? Classic Industries has these listed as part # ME 1554. Is the fit and construction of these units similar to the Mopar Performance grilles?

Has anyone used the 70 Cuda grille moldings that Classic Industries carries? Their catalog shows them as a "Mopar Authentic Restoration Product" and at $55 per piece they are significantly cheaper than the grill moldings that BEA carried, which were $500 for the set of four pieces.

I'm trying to figure out which way to go with my grille. I have a BEA grille in a box, but the current condition of my car doesn't justify its use at the moment. Therefore, I'm looking at other options for freshening mine up. My original grille is cracked in multiple places, missing a chunk from the center wedge, and missing three of the four stainless molding pieces. Originally my plan was to repair and repaint it, but was never really excited about having to lay out $500 for new stainless trim. If the Classic Industries moldings are decent quality, I may still go that route, but just wanted to verify all of my options first.


#2408568 - 11/25/17 02:35 AM Re: 70 Cuda Grille and Grille Molding Options [Re: rss]
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I was just looking at grille options on the Herb's Parts site and he also carries the unpainted grille with headlamp bezels and four molding pieces (ME 1554) for $515.

He also carries a set of just the four stainless molding pieces, which is $546. This set carries the same part number as used in the BEA catalog (292- Set).

I'm assuming that the quality and fit of ME 1554 grille set may be somewhat lacking, but would love to get some feedback from folks that may have actually used these parts.

#2408622 - 11/25/17 09:50 AM Re: 70 Cuda Grille and Grille Molding Options [Re: rss]
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I'd ask Mike at BE&A what he thinks, I'm sure he can fill you in on the differences. His were the best when he was selling them, probably still are.

#2408706 - 11/25/17 01:07 PM Re: 70 Cuda Grille and Grille Molding Options [Re: ScottSmith_Harms]
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An acquaintance of mine purchased the Classic package, grill, doors and moldings.
I stopped one day after he painted and installed it to check it out.
He showed me where the long top molding ( which by the way is different from bottom on originals ) was about 3/8 of an inch too long where it overlapped the taper on the headlight door molding.
No adjustment would make it close without having to remove that 3/8 of an inch off the end.
That is a dicey operation since the moldings are so flimbsy.
But I agree, Mike can give you the complete lowdown as his package was/is the best on the market.

#2412314 - 12/02/17 02:52 PM Re: 70 Cuda Grille and Grille Molding Options [Re: mccannix]
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Thanks for the replies guys. With as popular as 70 Cudas seems to be on this board, I'm surprised that there aren't more folks with first hand knowledge on this issue.


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