A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter

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A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/01/22 05:21 PM

Posted By: ricomondo

71 Demon jack hook/tire hold down - **FOUND*** - 04/02/22 12:03 AM

****FOUND**** Thanks!!

1971 Dodge Demon jack hook #2931157 and the spare tire rod and cup as pictured.

PM here on the board!


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Posted By: 6PAX

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/02/22 11:37 AM

I'm looking for a stock looking pistol grip shifter handle that has the threaded hole on the bottom like the one shown in the picture. I'm not looking for a Gunslinger type handle but rather one that looks like a factory 4-speed pistol grip except that it has the threaded hole so that it can be mounted on a shifter that would typically have a ball or T handle.

gt340 at

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Posted By: B1Frank

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/08/22 03:59 PM

Hello, looking for a 1967 barracuda conv power top switch # 2820408 that is working for my sisters car, she was one on the car now but it goes' up down at any time, thanks to all.........Frank
Posted By: 19swinger70

Barracuda Fastback Trim - 04/08/22 08:28 PM

Looking for some exterior trim pieces for my '67 fastback:

Looking for the '68-'69 REAR windshield trim. (converting my '67 over to that style)
Looking for upper and lower Trunk Trim Pieces for my '67 Fastback

**Driver quality is fine for me - my car is a little ratty**
Posted By: ink

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/13/22 04:20 PM

Im looking for a 69 a body console shifter and clutch fork & z bar shipped to Illinois. Thanks kurt .
Posted By: BlueRacer69

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/13/22 10:57 PM

I'm looking for a special transmission kickdown arm/rod. It slides back and forth on the carb throttle stud and goes back to the bell crank. It's unique to the 68-69 big block 383 Darts, and has a small tab welded on the side of the arm about halfway down the arm that a return spring hooks into. I've been looking for one to buy for a very long time. Can anyone help?
Posted By: 4x4 Roundup

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 04/14/22 05:41 PM

Looking for the left side exhaust manifold heat shield / gasket for a 1970 340 engine part # is 2946105

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Posted By: ricomondo

Clutch switch rod - - 04/15/22 03:16 AM

Looking for this small metal rod that attaches to the clutch switch.
I could probably make one from coat hanger wire but would want to try and find an original first.

PM here on the board. Thanks!

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Posted By: DusterKid

Sport Mirror - 04/18/22 07:09 PM

Looking a Chrome Sport mirror for a 1975 Plymouth Duster - Passenger side. Doesn't have to be perfect just a daily driver quality, let me know if you have one. Thanks.
Posted By: kzcountry

Wanted Bright Blue Seat Belts - 04/21/22 04:43 PM

I am looking for Bright Blue Bucket seat belts for a 1972 Demon.
Posted By: Dartsport540

Bumper jack. - 04/30/22 11:58 AM

Need bumper jack like in picture. I use it to support my generator , on it's slide out in trailer.

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Posted By: RP's R/T's

Exhaust manifolds - 04/30/22 04:39 PM

Ok…I know these are relatively rare, but I need a set of 340 manifolds.
Willing to pay a fair market price for items in good condition.
2863549 Right
2863553 Left
Early 1970 date preferred.

PM me here…
Posted By: hemirdrnnr

1972 Duster auto cross member - 05/02/22 01:11 AM

Looking for a 1972 Duster Automatic cross member. Thanks
Posted By: ricomondo

WTB: 71 340 - 4972 Thermoquad ** FOUND** - 05/03/22 01:55 PM


WTB: COMPLETE - Carter Thermoquad 4972S for 1971 340-4spd
Must be complete.
Pic for attention. PM here on the board.


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Posted By: 44D6PAKCUDA

1970-2 A Body Rear Brake Hose Bracket $100.00 - 05/04/22 11:04 AM

I am looking for a near mint/rust pit free 1970-2 (maybe other years) rear 8 3/4 brake hose bracket as shown.I will pay 100.00 for a clean,rust pit free bracket.PM me here or email Thanks Moparts!!

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Posted By: Cheeto

'66 Dart tail lights and trunk emblems. - 05/11/22 01:26 AM

Looking for complete left and right tail light assemblies (housings and lenses) no sockets/wiring needed. Driver or worse quality but must be intact.
Also needing the "Dart" and triangle badges for same.
Yard art/wall hanging project so cheap, cheap, cheap please.

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Posted By: Bakaruda

67-69 Barracuda Notchback - 05/12/22 04:54 PM

Looking for a set of upper headliner trim panels. The ones that run from the A pillar to the rear deck. They trim out the headliner, not the ones that hole the seal. please contact me at
Posted By: Dragula

Re: 67-69 Barracuda Notchback - 05/14/22 09:24 PM

I am in desperate need a a grill for a 69 Dart...Let me know if you have one.
Posted By: JRepucci

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 05/15/22 01:21 PM

WANTED: 340 Air Cleaner Pie Tin in orange... NOS preferred or excellent used considered.

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Posted By: abodybill

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 05/16/22 10:10 PM

Looking for tail light lenses for a 1966 Valiant Station Wagon P/N 2585048-049 if happen to be NOS or used be in very good condition.

These tail light lenses or even complete tail light assemblies are a one year 1966 only.

Let me know what you have and Thanks for looking and the ad...Bill
Posted By: dart4forte

Re: A Body - Parts Wanted - 2nd Quarter - 05/22/22 02:23 PM


Looking for a small block windage tray with bolts.
Posted By: JP8

73+ Non-A/C Heater Control & Bezel - 06/03/22 10:21 PM

Need a heater control and bezel for my 1973 Duster. Cables would be needed too.

Please let me know if you have any of these items.

Posted By: ricomondo

340 clutch 2863233 - found! - 06/09/22 10:23 PM

WTB: **********LOCATED************ Thanks Moparts!!

clutch #2863233 as pictured. Looking for nice pieces not rusty severely pitted junk.

PM here on the board please.

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Posted By: PAULS_340

Wanted breather hose to air cleaner for '71-340 - 06/20/22 08:41 PM

Looking to find who makes the double offset hose from the valve cover passenger side breather cap to the unsilenced air cleaner. This is for '71 340
Posted By: my74dart

74 Dart Swinger Passenger fender - 07/01/22 06:54 PM

Looking for a passenger side fender for a 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger...

I know it's a long shot, but color to match this car...

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