Carlisle - Chrysler Nationals - July 10-12 2020

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Carlisle - Chrysler Nationals - July 10-12 2020 - 11/25/19 09:19 PM

2020 Chrysler Nationals - July 10-12 2020

To register:

Note: When you register your car at Carlisle be sure to list your club as MOPARTS.COM

And when your there stop by and visit the Moparts Tent


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Note: When you register your car at Carlisle be sure to list your club as MOPARTS.COM

Cristy Lee Comes to Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in 2020

We are extremely pleased to announce that Cristy Lee, host of All Girls Garage, Garage Squad, Barrett-Jackson Auctions, Dodge spokesperson and more, will be joining us at the show this year! Cristy has been working for Dodge for several years hosting various events, appearing in commercials and more. We have been trying to put this together for at least 3 years but her busy schedule kept getting in the way. She really wanted to attend this show so she held the date on her calendar and we were finally able to pull it off. Find out more in the following link:

Butch Leal Comes to Carlisle Chrysler Nationals in 2020

We always try to give you the most bang for your buck and this year is no different. We have officially added Mopar Hall of Famer and Pro Stock Pioneer Butch Leal to the guest list! Butch was here a few years ago but he didn’t get to spend much time at the event. This year will be different as Butch will be one of our main guests and he’ll be appearing with at least one of his original Pro Stock cars, specifically his ’75 Duster! Find out more in the following link:

2020 Displays Announced:

1970 was arguably the pinnacle year for Mopar in terms of vehicles. Either way, this year we celebrate the 50th anniversary of what was new in 1970 and it’s a lot. We will be hosting a number of displays, anniversaries, and reunions this year as noted below:

50th Anniversary of the Superbird in Building T
50th Anniversary of the Duster in Building T
50th Anniversary of the Challenger in Building T
50th Anniversary of Pro Stock in Building T
50th Anniversary of the AAR & T/A In Building Y
50th Anniversary of the 1970 Charger on the Showfield
25th Anniversary of the Neon on the Showfield
Celebration of the CSS/HPP Trucks on the Showfield

Applications are now being accepted through April. Those who wish to apply can do so on

2020 Club Tent Forms Due April 6th!

To avoid club tent forms from ending up in Spam Folders we have now released them to be downloaded from the following links:

For clubs that met the 25 car requirement for a free tent last year, please use this form:

For clubs that did not hit the 25 car requirement, please use this form for the $180 Tent Rental:

If your club is unsure if you hit 25 Cars in 2019, please feel free to reach out to me and we can look at your registrations. Please don’t wait, get your form in before the April 6th deadline! For those that have done so already, we thank you!

Dodge Display and Thrill Rides Return!

We met with folks from Dodge back at the end of February and they were eager to confirm their return this year! That’s always great news. No other manufacturer comes to Carlisle and gives free rides in their 700+ horsepower cars. We are also working on some other new ideas with Dodge for this year. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Mopar Show in Lakeland, Florida!

About a month ago we were in Florida for our Lakeland Winter Autofest event and new this year was the addition of a Mopar display within the show. For a first time event, it was pretty awesome! Herb McCandless and his son, Mike, brought out 3 cars from their collection: the only 1970 Sox & Martin Hemicuda ever built with a real Hemicuda (R code) VIN, Herb’s real LO23 ’68 Hemi Dart as well as his ’72 Demon. They have even bigger plans for their display at Carlisle! Collector Todd Werner also brought 3 cars from his collection. Todd showed up with THE Richard Petty Superbird, Dick Landy’s ’68 Hemi Dart (another real LO23 car) and his Sox & Martin ’68 Hemi Barracuda (real BO29 car).

The 1970 Anniversary Display was meant to represent all of the shows in Carlisle with one car per show. But, we had the room and the Mopar faithful submitted more cars than the other shows so we put 3 Mopars in that display. All of this was supported by about 100 show cars in the Mopar field. Not bad for a first year effort. We have big plans to grow this portion of the show, and the entire show, for next year. If you’re going to be in or near Lakeland, FL February 19-21, 2021, you should check it out! You can read more about the event at

We want to connect with your Club’s Facebook Pages and Events!

There is no denying Facebook has become a medium that many of you and your members use to communicate on daily basis. We want to connect our page with your club and your club’s Event Page for the Chrysler Nationals. Our social media team is looking to connect so your club has the latest info and can answer questions quickly for you. If you have a club Facebook Page or Group, please share it with so we can include you in this program. This includes your Carlisle Chrysler Nationals Facebook events that many of you have already setup!


There’s really no way we can communicate with you without at least mentioning the Coronavirus. As this is being written, we have not made any changes to our 2020 schedule. However, that could change based on recent events. If we make any changes to our schedule (for any of our shows), we will announce it far and wide including but not limited to social media and our website. So, before you send an email or message us on Facebook, check our website. Hopefully, everything is back to normal by July but we are taking this seriously. We already have a plan in place to protect our guests as well as our staff. You can read our official announcement here:

In closing and as always, if you have any questions comments or concerns, my door is always open. Feel free to reach out via email or phone as well as stop in if you are in the area. We are here to make sure your club has the best time possible at our event!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in July!!

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